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Commitment Questions: A grown folks guide to good Luv

We would like to start with the simplest question, and that is why you have written the book “Commitment Questions: A grown folk’s guide to good Luv”? What was the primary motivation?

I am a hairdresser by trade. I have spent 30 years listening to people’s deepest darkest fears, hopes and dreams. But when the subject of love comes up positive judgment and positive choices are sometimes overlooked. When I listened to my client’s pain over love lost I vowed to find a way to alleviate the pain. I started asking questions within 10 minutes the client and I had figured out what went wrong in their respective relationships.


You have used a very attractive copy line “Remove all uncertainty and have fun in the process”, how can you assure people about the certainty of love in life?

Life is so random and uncertain but by asking the right questions of your lover or spouse you will know in no uncertain terms if this person is a viable match for the life you want to live.

The contents of the book are really very interesting and seem related to life. How did you manage to write it in such a natural way?

I had a less than positive marriage that affected me negatively in a physical and mental way. In my salon I and a few of my clients were in a discussion. The topic was, what we wished we knew or asked before we decided to commit to our respective partners. Often times in the beginning of a relationship everyone is on their best behavior. For fear of disturbing the peace some questions are avoided. Example: Have you ever been arrested? Are you currently under care for mental issues? Have you ever had an STD? These are a few of the questions you may want to know but are afraid to ask. Commitment Questions will allow a new couple to broach these subjects in a non-threatening almost amusing way. 

What was the main aim in your mind when you have started writing the book? What did you want to achieve?

The main aim of the book is to provide any couple no matter how shy a way to say this is who I am. The book also has a light hearted way to gage compatibility by measuring the person’s compatibility factor. By bringing these detailed likes and dislikes to the surface the ebook purchaser is able to achieve a certain level of comfort because all of the right questions have been asked and answered.

How did you collect these problems and solutions?  Did you face them in your life or collected from different sources?

Thirty years of listening and asking questions has provided me with a format to present to the public. The questions are a combination of personal questions and submitted questions from clients. Of course the answers will depend on the couples who have purchased the ebook as there are no right or wrong answers to these sets of questions.

From your expertise would you please share some tips and tricks to our readers?

Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions upfront .Acknowledge true relationships require time and that time is not set in stone. That time depends on the couple. Couples should make their own relationship rules that reflect that particular couple’s values. Once a person shows you who they are either accept them the way they are or leave them alone. Buy commitment questions: a grown folks guide to good Luv it is a very good starting place to engage your partner on how they really feel not how you thing they feel.

What if readers have some more questions and want to contact with you? Do you have any dedicated website or communication method?
Commitment Questions has a Facebook page and welcomes any inquiries.

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