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Curtis Lovell II. - interview

At age 7, after Curtis Lovell II's father pulled a coin magically from his ear, he has immersed himself in the world of magic and the history of Harry Houdini. We have conducted and interview with him:


-What accomplishment are you most proud of?
My grandmother taught me that success is personal to each person and the meaning is a bit different for everyone. For many it can't be measured in dollars and cents or by reaching a certain education level. I am the most proud of the fact that I never gave up on my dream and that as an adult I still believe in magic. 


My greatest accomplishment is when I can take my client's special event and bring some wonder and mystery to it. When I receive positive feedback from my audience, that is the greatest feeling -- and that is when I know that I have completed my task.  But, in 2009, I realized a personally meaningful milestone when I opened for legendary movie actor Tony Curtis during an awards show for the Jules Verne Festival.  Lovell long admired Mr. Curtis, as he grew up watching the classic 1952 film “Houdini” in which Tony Curtis portrayed the great escape artist.

-Amongst all your show accomplishments, which two would you consider the most captivating and why?
HMM... I would like to think all my shows are captivating, But if I have to choose just two escapes. I would say my buried alive escape and anytime when I perform my cube of death.(a small clear box filled with water)  I believe these fascinates people to beyond belief since it is challenging death and the danger is real. I think that people are highly intrigued with death since it is an unknown territory.

IMG_5493 (1)

-Which is more exciting to you, to perform as a guest on TV for opening acts or performing 'live' in front of audiences? 
Although television is great for the career and fun to do. When I cut Paris Hilton in Half for her reality show the Simple Life a while back, it opened many career doors for me and I give her many thanks for allowing me work with her. But I must say nothing beats a live performance and seeing the reactions of peoples faces when I present my wonders to them.

-Which safety precaution is the most crucial when you perform at the buried alive or escaped being shackled and tossed into the Singapore River?

Oh,  you asked a tricky question that I can not answer. Because, I want people to believe in the mystery and wonders of what I do and what other entertainers do as well.

-Would you consider the sound effects at a 'live' escape performances an important element?
I consider every element of my performance is important including the sound effects/music of my show. I put much debate and thought into what sound elements would be for each escape and performance. I  love upbeat and suspenseful music without lyrics. If I use any lyrics it is at the end of the performance and creates the moment.


-If someone would like to be an illusionist like yourself, what advice would you give to him/her before stepping into the world of magic? 
Read lots of books on Harry Houdini, watch many theatrical performances and magic shows. I would suggest also investing some time and energy into drama and acting courses. I had a few classes, but at times I wish I had a few more under my top hat.

-Who is your ideal client? 
My ideal client is someone who loves the performing arts, who wants to create a memorable experience for their guests and for themselves. Someone who holds laughter and the wonders of the world as their highest standard. My act tends to fit in for many corporate events,

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