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Space Development Cooperative

Louis Gelinas, Canadian, electronics diploma for education. Worked in building security and automation. Robotics hobbyist and space enthusiast. We have conducted and interview with him.

What kind of space project are you working on and why you have been able to work on it for more than 30 years? What is interesting about it?

We are building a space habitat or space city to house up to 2 million people. It started as a high school science project over 30 years ago and much of the technology involved actually existed 30 years ago. An interesting point about our project is that it would cost about the same to build the city to house 1000 people or 2 million or virtually any number of inhabitants because the cost is that of the mining operation not the actual building.

What does your research work involves? When will this space project likely to be ready?

Our research has spanned many fields from structural design to biology. We are essentially building a tiny Earth and thus all must be considered. Our time line is for completion within 25 years after starting space mining, so the sooner we get this project started the sooner we see its fruition.

People who paid for it can expect what kind of benefits?

The members of the cooperative benefit in many ways but the principal benefit is the ownership of 5000square feet of space on the habitat for their home. A membership allow you to take your entire family and one extra generation to live aboard the habitat. The habitat is loaded with recreational and virtually any facility you can think of to cater to both leisure and productivity. There are 5 floors per tube that are about 450m X 2500M and about 50M high that simulate the different bio diversities of the Earth like rain forest or marsh lands etc.

What is the proof or security they can get about this space they have ordered from you?

In terms of security, each member is infact an owner in the coop. Therefore you own a piece of all the business the coop does. 20% of all funds collected from memberships are invested in Earth based real estate. this has a two fold benefit, asset security and fringe benefits. The benefits come in when we buy a hotel in Mexico and our members get the right to limited free use of it for example.
As a member you can vote on any part of the business and your voice and talents become part of our expertise.

What is the 10 hours of labour and what jobs are part of this labor?

This is partly where the 10 hours of labor comes in. If you are a web developer, you might contribute your time in web work and site maintenance. a truck driver might do a back haul that transports materials we need hear on Earth to make things happen. If we cannot use your talents we attempt to resell them and if we are unable to use them in any way within 6 months, it is written off. Thus in August we right off your January hours if unused etc. Aboard the habitat, all persons of working age must work 10 hours per month. This ensures that the city functions and all services are covered. It is in essence, a cooperative community.

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