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Angry Birds Online

Do you know the puzzle video game called Angry Birds? Now you can get all the information on Angry Birds. The very popular game was developed by the Finnish Rovio Entertainment that became a hype on Apple Store with its wingless bird characters.


Pigs and birds, different colours, eggs, various materials such as wood, ice and stone are available in the different levels of the game. Be caucious! Its very addictive.

Angry Birds provides you with the latest news and updates related to the game. Articles, reviews, intro videos about new releases.


On the site you can find a very complete compilation of Angry Birds Web Game Walkthroughs, and all the seasons. Mooncake, summer pignic. Easter Eggs, Ham'O'ween Wreck the Halls, Year of the Dragoon.  It's a must for for fans!

Angry Birds

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