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"Cody Tyler" Rising internet sensation or Modern day Martyr?

Cody Tyler is a musician and entertainment personality from Miami (FL). He has published a book series "The logs". We have conducted a short interview with him:


Is there a background story about "PurpleandStars"?

First off I would like to say thank you for showing your interest in me.The background behind PurpleandStars is I formed the name and idea while I was in the Mental Hospital. I was sitting at a table in the recreational room or I as I liked too call it the observation room because there was a huge glass window where all the nurses would keep an eye on all patients. But as I was sitting I was just fighting the feeling to give up because just outside looking in it looked like it was over for me I had just come back from California where I was pursuing acting, I had no money, no job, and was bakeracted into a mental institution where I was on 3 different meds throughout the day and surrounded by people 10 times worse than myself. But it hit me that I couldn't give up becuase I felt it in my heart that entertainment was what I wanted to do and I wanted to help others through it. Throughout my stay I was constantly writing songs and poetry which I loved to do as a kid growing up anyway and decided I would try music and the name purpleandstars came to me one day sitting in the grass when they allowed us to go outside and it stands for chasing dreams and making a difference and not giving up no matter what the circumstance.

What inspires you to be a musician and entertainment personality? What fascinates you most about being in this field?

What inspires me to be a musician is the fact that I can constantly create and do as much as I want and when I want. As opposed to acting where you have to wait to get an audition and an agent to call you and you can have such long gaps where your not doing anything and your limited to the direction of the project. I have absolutely fallen in love with music because I am not prohibited by what I want to say and I can put my whole being into each song. I like to be called an entertainment personality because I can do more than music, I can wardrobe style and design, I have a degree in fashion design and merchandising, I act and was given a scholarship to the amercian academy of dramatic arts based off of my audition. I have a genuine love for all three fields. What fascinates me most about being in these fields I find to be quite funny. I am fascinated at the fact that I have bounced around the past couple of years about finding what it was that I was going to put all my time and energy into, because first I was doing fashion, then acting and now music. But music is FIRST AND FOREMOST. I love the fact that I can be creative and encompass all that I have learned and been exposed to through these 3 fields.

Why did you named your book series "The Logs"? Which chart is it on that garners 101,003 hits?

I named my Ebook series "the logs" because each time I work on a series I feel I am logging in to tell you my life. Like on each day I am telling whats going on so I am documenting it. The idea came to me at a starbucks in Jacksonville fl, on that day I was sitting reading a miami magazine and I was just thinking of all the things I was facing at that time and I was like man these situations can help people and its entertaining as well! I was like how can I get this out... I'll start an Ebook series!! (lol) The series and site garners these hits within a months time from each new series and I usually will get emails asking about my life and how i get through things. I guess I'll take the emails but sometimes I wish people would leave comments but hey they probably want to keep things private (lol)


How extensive is the project "Heart on Paper Chronicles 2"? What do you hope to achieve?

The first actual film project under the purpleandstars imprint is going to be called "Fighting Darkness" and its based off of a song performed by me called "Fighting darkness" and its off of my debut mixtape called "Heart on paper chronicles" ( The film is upcoming and were pushing for release on Halloween 2012!! Its in the genre of horror. We wanted to have it out sooner but when your indie everything takes time and patience, which is a virtue were still learning lol.

What do you hope to achieve?

The project "Heart on Paper chronicles 2" is my big studio debut. I am really taking my time with this project and it means so much to me because its going to show my growth in direction and writing maturity and flow on beats. I feel that with the first one it was good and showed tons of potential but you could tell it was the first music project I had done right away and the mixing was off on some songs. I hear it now and with the mindset I have I'll hear it and be like "ohhh" man that could have been 10 times better! This project is going to be killer man with production and all original beats and my approach to songs wont change much but the "writing maturity" will alot. Its going to be a process but through it we will have tons of behind the scenes in the studio and short films as well. I hope to garner many downloads and really push "Purpleandstars entertainment" to the next level.

Thank you for your time and visit and

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