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DIY Brazilian keratin treatment

Anyone who has had a Brazilian keratin treatment can testify that it is a life changing product. It turns coarse and frizzy hair into silky, soft and conditioned hair and if it used to take 40 minutes to style your hair in the morning, it now takes 5 or 10. We have conducted an interview with Stella the founder of DIY Brazilian keratin treatment.


What is Keratin treatment?
A keratin treatment is a hair treatment that turns curly, frizzy, kinky hair into straight, smooth, sleek and sexy hair. Those who have tried it rave that it is a life changing experience. It works by sealing keratin, a protein that naturally occurs in hair, into the hair cuticle. It fills in the gaps in cracked, damaged and dry hair. One of the biggest benefits derived, besides the gorgeous hair, is the time saved in the morning. Styling hair after a keratin treatment takes minutes as opposed to an hour. Also, since treated hair doesn’t require tons of heat from styling tools each morning, you avoid damage these tools often inflict on your hair.

Who will benefit the most from your product? What kind of hair problems does your product solve?
The people who will benefit the most from the DIY Brazilian Keratin Treatment are women (and men!) who have out-of-control curly, frizzy and damaged hair. It will reduce curl and cut out the frizz, as well as repair years of damage from hair color, heat from styling tools and the elements.

What are the drawbacks of this product?
Because we wanted to make sure we have the most natural and formaldehyde free formula in our keratin treatment, one of the drawbacks people noticed is for anyone who has blond or colored hair, there may be some discoloration to the hair color. Any formaldehyde free formula will turn blond hair about a shade darker. The way to fix it is to either use purple shampoo or toner, available at any beauty supply.


What separates the DIY Brazilian keratin treatment kit from other keratin treatments?
The DIY Brazilian keratin treatment kit is a great value compared to salon keratin treatments. It includes enough keratin to last up to a year for shoulder-length hair and the after-care products to maintain the treatment cost about a third of what the salon treatment would cost! As a bonus, included in the kit are styling tools that make it easy to do your own Brazilian keratin treatment. The tail-end comb is used to separate hair into sections and the DIY V-Comb has a piece on the bottom that holds a strand of hair in place, making it easy to go over the section with the flat iron.

How easy is it to do the DIY Brazilian Keratin Treatment and what helpful advice would you give about doing it?
The process and concept of an at-home keratin treatment may seem a bit daunting at first, but anyone who has colored their own roots and straightened their hair with a flat iron will have no problem picking it up!. The most important step is to go over each strand of hair with the flat iron several times once it is saturated with the keratin treatment and completely dry. One helpful hint is to wash your hair with the purifying shampoo the night before doing the keratin treatment so that your hair will be at least mostly dry by the next day when you do the DIY Brazilian Keratin Treatment. This way, once you have the treatment in your hair, you will only have to dry it once with a blow-dryer.

What kind of advice would you say give to someone who wants to change the hairstyle to curly hair  after using the DIY Brazilian Keratin Treatment?
The great thing our clients love about DIY Brazilian is that it is not a permanent treatment. Curls will slowly turn into waves, but they will be more conditioned and look much healthier. People love having the body return to their hair as well as getting hair that is much more manageable and beautiful. Unlike other hair straightening methods, such as the Japanese straightening, DIY Brazilian will wash out after 2-3 months. Using the DIY Brazilian after-care shampoo and conditioner will extend the life of your treatment, but even if you choose to not use them, it is important to use shampoo without harsh sulfates and salt. Also, DIY Brazilian Keratin Treatment works on all hair types whereas Japanese straightening will not work on thinner hair and will make it break off. The more you apply the keratin treatment to your hair, the better condition it will be in.


What does the DIY Brazilian Keratin Treatment kit include? 
The kit includes purifying shampoo, keratin treatment, after care shampoo (sulfate, salt and parabens free), deep conditioner, styling tools to make it easy to do your own treatment (DIY V-comb, tail-end comb and applicator brush) and Moroccan argan oil. The Moroccan argan oil can be applied to dried hair and it will make hair soft and silky, not to mention it smells amazing!

Go to to check out the DIY Brazilian kit, to get more information, watch the instructional video and much more!

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