Coach Zarrugh on Fitness

Ahmed Zarrugh is a successfull college football coach who has been featured in this month's bachelors edition of Cosmoplitan magazine. We have conducted a short interview with him:


How do you feel about being featured in the bachelor's edition of Cosmopolitan?
It's a little unnatural to my personality but I've had fun with it. I'm not sure what the criteria was but I guess its flattering.

What are the pros and cons of being nominated as "America's Top Bachelor"?
Well its provided a lot laughs between me and the people I know. That by itself it a positive. Its also nice to visit NYC, it happens to be my favorite city. I can't think of any thing negative that came with it, everybody has been very supportive.

What are you looking for in a lady?
I don't have an ideal as far as appearance is concerned. I think there are many versions of beauty. More importantly to me is how you treat others around you and I make sure to treat people the right away so naturally I want a lady who is a sweetheart and can make people feel warm.

What were you doing formerly and how did you become a self-starter?
I was a college football coach since the age of 21. That experience has molded how I approach life both inside and outside of work. Not many people know how much goes into it but let me tell you, it has trained me better than anything. Its a highly competitive industry and to survive you got to be pro-active in setting yourself apart. Now in the business world I approach things with much more tenacity than the average man.


How does it feel now being a fan rather than on the sideline? Do you have a favorite team in NFL or college?
It's definitely been strange, luckily Im still involved with Portland State to some extent. Working in the business you stop being such a big fan, but I'm more of a fan of certain people that I know playing or coaching, but as a kid I was a big Cowboy fan so that still holds true.

You had mentioned the importance of family in your Cosmo interview, can you tell us about your family?
I'm the second youngest of 7 kids and my family is amazing. My parents have been married 45 years and they moved to the States in the 70's from Libya. Its a tough job to raise 7 kids in a country thousands of miles from home but it can be done, and they have done unbelievable job. I have 3 older brothers to learn from and 3 sisters, so I naturally have the advantage of hindsight, and you know what they say about hindsight. My friends and family will always be my greatest asset.

If you can do it all over again, will you still choose to be who you are today? Why?
I would not change a thing. I've been so blessed with everything that I have. Even moments that seem to be unfortunate have included a silver lining. I cant complain and I'm motivated to make my family and friends proud.

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