Dealer Permit

A lot of people are tired of paying too much for their used cars. They know that dealers are marking too much profit for what they deliver. Regardless of the reason people need/want access to the auctions helps them. We have conducted a short interview with them:


What makes you different and outstanding from other auto dealers?

We are not the only co-op option out there, but we don't have revolving fees, we charge one flat rate fee, we work with clients to run a compliant "legal" business with no worries of future issues. (i.e. People giving forged plates, promising insurance when it's not true)(Far too often people find out too late that they're operating illegally. We never let that happen) MOST IMPORTANT ABOUT US... We get our clients registered and active BEFORE we take fees from them. For Example... If they've got a fraud conviction we may have to reject them. By paying after approved, we're assuring or clients that their investment is safe. We help our clients grow when they’re ready. We give them full marketing support.

What is the main problem about what is currently available in your industry?

Many people don't yet know this business model is available. They "wish" they could do it, without knowing it's possible. Our owners and managers will make themselves available to answer questions. When clients become licensed, they’ll be able to purchase at auctions in all fifty states. And with one flat fee, they’re not pressured to RUSH into purchasing vehicles before they’re ready. They can take their time and learn what they’re doing. Without the pressure of wasting that monthly rate. Security and licensing are very important to us. We’re always sad to hear that people are operating without valid licenses, invalid dealer plates; no insurance coverage. This is really harmful to clients.

About the fees, how much can someone who is interested in your service be able to make comparison for what you offer?

Because we have no monthly fees… those fees will be the only immediate difference. Each car at each auto auction is different so the sellers profit margin will change with each negotiated sale.

What other services do you provide for your clients?

We provide branding design, graphic design and video production a total marketing solution for entrepreneurs of every level. We offer help gaining credit lines and growth into a more traditional auto dealership. Meaning if they want to move from buying one or two cars at a time – to – buying several cars at a time we can help them.

In three short pointers, how would you summarize why people should engage your services instead of your competitors?

(1) people who license with us will like being able to get seasoned professionals on the phone to help them solve problems; 
(2) we’ve eliminated the risk by making sure they don’t spend a penny until they’re approved; 
(3) we will be there to grow with them… if we have anyone who’s doing well and want to grow, we can help them to get credit lines of $25,000 to $50,000 to start purchasing more inventory.

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