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Michael Levin from Newark (Delaware)is a Trader, a Trainer of Traders, an Author (Over 100 published articles) and an expert in Automated Trading Systems. We have conducted a short interview with him:


How long did it take before you became an expert in the trading field?

I have been in the Trading Business since 1981 and in 1986 I entered an International contest (Real Money) for Traders and in 3 months had broken every record ever set. But it wasn't until I had published my 2nd article in Futures Truth magazine 4 years ago where they gave me the lead cover story, until I felt I was an "expert" in the Trading Industry

What are some of your past experiences?

In Trading, it was that contest I just mentioned, Also the USA Today had one where over 25,000 people entered and I was #2 at one point, only to finish 14th. I also had a hand in running a small Trading firm at the turn of the Century as well as working with and training many traders since the late 1990's. So many stories, so little time, lol.

Based on your expertise, what advice would you give to someone who wants to master trading skills?

Well, Trading can be the "Easiest, Toughest thing you can do". It's easy to look back on the day, look at a chart and see the turning points where you "should have or could have" traded, but while the market is live, it is the toughest thing to actually DO. So I would say that like in Any profession; It takes time and training and experience to learn to nuances and the psychology of "The Game". It takes a lot of $ to learn how to trade and not just from courses and teachers, it's what we call "Paying Tuition" by trading and often losing money at 1st to see how trading affects you. You will know you are a winning Trader when you can still trade because you haven't lost all your money!

Why is it important for people to understand the Value of having Trading Systems in their Portfolios?

Great question! Trading Systems are computerized programs that have been coded by developers to trade certain markets. For example: The S&P 500 or Gold or Oil, or the Grains or even currencies etc. These systems are best used as "Auto-Execute" such that they automatically place a trade in your account FOR you, so you dont have to be involved in the decision to get in or out. Trading Systems that have been proven over time to have an excellent track record take the Emotions of Trading out of our (human) hands and allow the best developers to literally "Trade our Accounts" for us. So much more info on my website especially the articles I have written for Futures Truth magazine here:

Who have you worked with?

I have worked with Mike Chalek who designed one of the top Multi-Market Trading Systems as judged by Futures Truth magazine, I have worked with Russell Sands; one of the original "Turtles" of Turtle Trader fame (Look this up on Google, great story behind these Traders) I have worked at the original EF Hutton & Co. "Back in the day" as a young Stock Broker and many other Developers and Programmers whose names one might not recognize but whose Bank Accounts you'd Love to have!

Where else have you been featured and interviewed?

It all started with a Stock Recommendation Column for The Phila Daily News where I did over a dozen short stories & recommendations. Then a full Feature article in The Phila Inquirer and then NY Daily News, NY Post, a small feature in Wall Street Journal Personal Edition article, 7 articles in Futures Truth magazine (3 Lead Cover stories) and many other articles online with Rant Finance and Future Source. Recently became one of Trader Kingdom's group of Experts October 1st.

Luckily, my Skills & Abilities are being discovered and hopefully it's because of how I reach out to the public to educate and entertain in this exciting and potentially very profitable Industry... 

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