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Gutcam Holdings - reviewing Casinos

Morne Campher is the managing director of Gutcam Holdings. They are an affiliate marketing company that just started out with their first site We have conducted a short interview with him.


What is your role in Gutcam Holdings and what is your speciality?
I am the managing director of Gutcam Holdings. As such, one of my responsibilities is to oversee the marketing of our websites. One of those sites is

What do you mean by regular pay-out casinos?
A regular pay-out casino is one that does exactly that. It pays out on a regular basis, not only small winnings, but also jackpots. Ultimate Online Casinos is a review site of these popular, trusted and regular pay-out casinos.

What are the sign up bonuses and who is it for in particular?
Sign up bonuses are what online casinos use to welcome new players. They come in various forms. Some casinos will give you money to play with, others give you an hour’s free play to make as much as you can to play with, then there are also those who matches your deposit(s) and lastly some use different methods of giving away free money to new players like scratch cards.

Is there realistic gameplay available?
All the featured and reviewed casinos on Ultimate Online Casinos make use of the Microgaming software. These guys are well known throughout the industry. The gameplay is fast. You will feel like you are in a real land based casino with all the music, sounds and atmosphere. A big advantage is that help and support is always at hand. So, to answer your question, yes, gameplay is very realistic.

Which are the top five games that are the most popular on your site?
Roulette is always a very popular game. There are different versions of the game, but the basic concept remains the same. Poker is also a huge attraction, although it has to be said that none of the reviewed casinos are poker rooms, but versions of the game are available. Slots is also a major attraction. One of the reasons for the popularity of video slots, I think, is the ability and possibility to win on multiple “lines.” Each one also has a different theme. These games are very exciting.

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