How to develop good study habits

T.G. Dawood has published a self help book on education and different study styles. We have conducted a short interview with him.


How long did you take to complete your book on "How to Develop Good Study Habits"?

It took 3 long years to complete my book as I had to do the writing during any free time as I work full time, and I must say it took a lot of hard work, commitment and dedication to stay on track.

Where did you draw your inspirations from while writing this book?

Just by looking around me, my friends, families and collegues and getting shocked at the drop out rate from high schools, lack of enthusiasm, high failure rate etc. I decided to choose 'EDUCATION" as my main topic. Acquiring knowledge is not merely attending school. It teaches you the ability to think, study and hence function in the world. Our world is ever changing, it moves and what drives us forward is intellectual power acquired by education.

How different is this book as compared to other self help books under the same topic?

This book is "SIMPLE YET AMAZING" as it is written from the view point of the student. I have taken the very basic common problems that many students face and brought it out into this book. For example  REVEALED : 5 COMMON MISTAKES STUDENTS MAKE WHEN ANSWERING EXAM QUESTIONS ......AND HOW TO AVOID IT......
#Misreading e.g mistakingly reading ounce for pounds
#Misinterpreting e.g misinterpreting the meaning of key words
#Not reading the question fully. It is very important to read the question fully as in most cases the framework of the answer is in the question itself
#Failing to understand the question. Most of the time understanding the question may be more difficult than the idea being tested
#Missing word/s in the question as you read it. Missing even one word can actually change the whole meaning of the question and hence the answer.

Who should read this book and what benefit will it bring to them?

Anyone, and everyone from 8 to 80 years, just anyone who is eager and have a thirst to acquire knowledge.

In the near future, can your readers expect new upcoming title/s? If yes, what will it/they be about?

Yes I am considering writing another book in the next 2 years ;

1. A book on being Positive etc,
2. A book consisting of 4 children stories that I would like to submit also as movie scripts........But God willing, will see how the future goes.

 Thank you all for your time.

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