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Life coaching in Melbourne

We have conducted an interview with Kerri who is running her business coaching initiative in Melbourne, Australia:


What makes your Business Kickstarter package different and unique from the others that are currently available?

Most other packages tackle one aspect of a business’s needs ie getting the website and online environment moving. Our package is an integrated approach to all business requirements needed especially when starting a new business. We work with you to understand who you are and the values that you bring with your service or product and then incorporate that into your logo and designs. 

Our approach is also very quick, we look to get everything in place in 2 -4 weeks so you commence getting sales as early as possible. This improves the likihood of success for your business as clients start to recognise the value you bring to them and their families. 

Where possible, we will set everything up in the easiest way possible for you to make changes as your business grows and develops.

Are the services offered by you limited to Melbourne area?

Our services can be utilised by anyone and tailored to their needs. 

If a direct one on one appointment cannot be set, then coaching sessions can be held via Skype to deliver great results. With the technology available today, there is always an easy way to work with clients, of course depending on the time differences sometimes it may take longer to get back to a client, however we minimise that as much as we possibly can.

Why did you choose to become a life coach? What kind of job satisfaction does it bring to you?

I chose to be a life coach because when I personally went through tough times I found it hard to find someone with whom I could relate and also had the practical skills I needed at the time. In order to get through those times I learnt a lot and believe that it is important for each of us to become more resilient. What that means is that when I fall down, make a mistake I bounce back quicker and persist. 

Sadly, most people give up just as they are about to reap the benefits of what they have been working towards. 

I love listening to people and discovering what they are passionate about, working with them to find the right way to communicate and achieve their dreams. We all need to feel valued and appreciated, often if you are in a rut the people around you start to give up on you. If it goes on for too long everything starts to fall apart. Whatever is going on in a client’s life, it is imperative that any solutions are directed at achieving the best outcome for them at all times.

Based on your experience, in what situations should one look for a business coach?

I believe that a good business coach will save a start up a lot of money and time by getting their business moving more quickly. I am all about introducing practical solutions that clients learn from increasing their capacity to be adaptable as situations arise in the future. 

Some business owners have been in business for a long time and still not seeing the results that they know are achievable. It’s their business and they most likely are in survival mode, they are doing well enough to get by but not well enough to be able to get out. One way or the other they recognise that they need to transform what they are doing – to create the business that will deliver the lifestyle they want, the ability to make different choices and feel valued and appreciated.

How does ,exploring how the NOW is impacting your clients' future help in their business strategies?

Most businesses every year do a stocktake – that stocktake gives valuable information on the sales that have been made, the items that aren’t moving , if there is a problem with theft . 

Evaluating the “now” of a situation is like doing a stocktake – its an honest assessment of where a business or person is right in this moment and together we can evaluate if continuing along the same path is going to get them the results they are looking for. We are also able to determine the “hotspots” for change. If there is a simple tweak that will deliver big changes it will be found using this process. Most importantly, assuming the goal is known the path forward will become clearer and with clarity the steps forward become easier.

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