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Pretty Posh

L. Robinson is a lingerie designer and boutique owner from Atlanta (GA). We have conducted a short interview with her:


Other than wardrobe coordination, what other services do you value-add to your customers?

Private consultation and fittings, by appointment. An appointment includes 1 hour of fittings of clients choice (usually champagne) in our private boutique. Most women especially minority women, are not aware of their bodies. The correct bra size is essential as it collaborates with the lower back, thus knowing the correct size is a source of promoting preventative health. I also cater to our curvier clients with "posh cureve" we also educate the appropriate after care washing instructions to enforce durability and longer wear time of our garments.

How popular are your style of lingerie designs?

We do not aim for popularity, we aim for durability, glamour and sexiness of the clients and the look. Pretty Posh is about the ambience of femininity, and to bring that allure back into play with classic elegant pieces, however, popular cuts are ultra cleavage and demi common cuts for bras.

Are corsets still regarded the same way and of what degree as compared to a decade ago? Why is it so?

Corsets are regal, we add a little flair to our designs, for dual wear in or out the bedroom. Our flexible boning provides the option for two looks. They are not as stiff and uncomfortable as a decade ago. Women are wearing them out on dates, clubs, over a pair of jeans a cute skirt and blazer for a polished corporate look but still a splash of femininity hence our "professional posh" collection.

What are the current trends of lingerie design that is most demanded?

Corsets, garters belts, ultra cleavage lace, are popular with the rise of stars like Nikki Minaj, who currently incoporates the corset into a lot of her looks, Rihanna as well. Madonna whom I believe took it to a whole new level with "Vogue" bringing lingerie into the pop culture for artist in the 90's. Cher who had incorporated it with style in the 80's. They inspired so many looks that you see today, but definitely the corset is the most demanded piece. My anarchy corset is my best seller!!


When and what inspired you to become a lingerie designer?

As with a lot of my clients, I had a weird shape. I have the smallest back 32 and a large cup F. It was hard finding bras and undergarments that fit. I would have to get alterations or get the "ugly" bras as we would say, or be like the rest of the women who make the fatal mistake of buying the wrong size bra and "making it work". It wasn't until I moved to Atlanta when I got measured at intimacy and was told my true size. I had been wearing the wrong size since high school. 

I liked the experience I got from the store but despite the name it was not an intimate experience. I wanted more personal interaction - more privacy. So I brainstormed on how to perfect that experience and my mom suggested I launch Pretty Posh in 2011. Bottom line is I love to help women feel pretty. The world is tough on us... we need to be reminded on how beautiful we are to feel like a woman. And Pretty Posh is about elegance, the way we do things.  I'm just perfecting what women already possess..."

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