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Evelyne Brink is a success coach with a background in singing, acting and comedy from London. She is the author of "the ARTrepreneur. Financial Success for Artistic Souls". We have conducted and interview with her:

How and why did you become an ARTrepreneur?

When I grew up I wanted to be an actress. Then I discovered singing. At the same time I’ve always loved making stuff and seeing an opportunity to sell it. I made hair clips from coke cans and empty ink cartridges and got them into the shops. They went like hot cakes on the artist market!

Then I found out that being an artist often means to struggle financially. I didn’t like the sound of that at all. My dad said only 2% of actors make a good living. I replied: then I’ll be in those 2%! As simple as that sounded, it wasn’t that easy. But there must be a way to make a living doing what you love!?! So I set out to find out how that could be achieved without selling out. That was my requirement. I was not going to trade in my spirit.

And the question on how to create a living based on your passion affects many people. Mostly those whose values are somewhere else than money money money.

I waitressed, I taught singing, started teaching confidence, did my own shows, produced albums, toured the world as an impersonator (a great way to act and sing and get paid well), I studied coaching, trained with some of the globe’s best coaches in the US and UK. I don’t want to name drop here but I’ll do it for you in the book. The point is I invested a lot of time, love and about 50k into this.

I learned how to shift from being a victim to being a creator and how to create what I love. I learned about doing that from a place of inner peace even if what I’m doing is full of action and not always risk free. I learned about becoming flexible on some beliefs and strong holding on to values. I learned to keep my cool and do what needs to be done but not do what I don’t really need to do. I won’t pretend to be perfect at it. But I will share with you what came up on the way and how you can create the life you love, too- which will be very different from mine. I’m not offering a cookie cutter template.

I really hope you’ll find it worthwhile reading. So far, Amazon readers seem to like it. :) If you do, too, I’d appreciate if you wrote about it on Amazon. This way more people will benefit.

What makes non-money driven people more successful?

First off, it’s important to define success. It’s one of these words that everyone uses and only few know what they really mean. When I talk about success, I want to address authentic success which reaches far more than making tons of money. What’s the point of getting rich if you can’t enjoy it? If you hate yourself or your life, if you don’t even know you are rich? (which most people don’t!)

So what makes non-money driven people more successful is to connect with what success means to them and then becoming very clear about creating that. It’s an individual process not a one size fits all recipe. In the book I’ll talk about the different things to consider and I’ll ask you the questions that help you identify what’s what. I could say it’s about following your wisdom but it’s such a broad phrase-what does that mean and how do you do it? That’s why I wrote the book, so we have time to get to the point.

Other than comedy and success coaching, what other interests do you have?


Do I have your attention now?

I love to laugh which is why I’m into comedy. Music is a big love of mine, you find me singing in the street most days. I just like to sing. I suppose now that I have a baby, I’ve moved from “crazy” to awww nice mummy singing for her kid.

I am very interested in my relationship with my partner and making a good home life. Having been driven to perform and build a career for the longest part of my adult life so far, to me, making a cosy home is quite new and I like it. I don’t read magazines on it and I don’t like endless discussions but I do like to dream up about how I’d paint my walls when we buy a place. I’d love to one day own a house with a big wooden slide going through from top to bottom. I want really cool furniture you can play with, a room full of cusions, hundreds of them in which you can build castles, cuddle or have pillow fights.

I like great stories, I love going to the theatre. I adore the Edinburgh Festival for its great variety on artistic talent.

I do also enjoy watching the X-factor. That’s my confession for you.

Which are the top five out of the 20 Key Artrepreneur principles will you highlight most?

Ahhh you want me to choose? Hmmmm. I think depending on the day I’d choose different ones. They will mean more to you after reading the chapter with the stories around the points. The principles alone may look a bit dry but in the book there are illustrations, comics, crossword puzzles, jokes and stories that lead you to the points. Anyway, let’s not make excuses and answer the question!

ARTrepreneur Principle Nr.2 : The problem with money is not hat we do or don’t have it. It’s how we feel about having or not having it.

Our feelings about money are based on our stories whether they are real or born out of our assumptions. We think money is the issue but an “issue” is by nature psychological. Which doesn’t mean we don’t need money, it points to the fact that our behaviour is influenced by our feelings and our feelings come from how we see things.

ARTrepreneur Principle 4: Our greatest weaknesses hold within them the seed of our greatest strength. 

They give us a reason to develop a deep interest in the subject which may in time become a strength. Many experts know so much about their chosen field because it used to be their greatest challenge. ARTrepreneur

Principle 5: You have your money story and your money history. 

Both are stories. One current. One past. You don’t need to cling to your stories. In other words you can write your own empowering one.

ARTrepreneur Principle 7: Money doesn’t have power. You have power. 

Money doesn’t make the world go around. People do. For us to be truly financially free, we want to liberate ourselves from our emotional attachment to money We like having the power. Creativity is power, the power to create in the world.

ARTrepreneur Principle Nr 10 Making money is a skill, not a coincidence 

Hanging cheques on your fridge or dreaming about attracting money can be fun but should never replace using your brain and taking action When you get into your 1000 ideas phase write them down! Do not try to fulfil every idea you have!

Enjoy reading!


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