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Don't Be a Penguin

We are doing an interview with Nish Bey, author of the new book: Don’t be a Penguin: Live life like an Alien. He was kind enough to speak with us today to learn more about him and the book.


How did you end up using this title about the contrast of an alien and a penguin?

The theme of the book is to become a free thinker and not just follow what everyone else in society is doing. As an analogy, I thought about how penguins all form in a line when they are traveling. This gave me the idea of them one by one walking off an iceberg and being eaten by sharks. Even though they can see the shark and they know they will die if they jump off the iceberg, they have to follow along with what everyone else is doing. That is where I came up with "Don't be a penguin" The analogy behind the alien is that one day a super intelligent smart alien may visit our planet and will observe the actions of our specie. I do not believe they would be to impressed with some of the actions that we take in our society. I therefore strive to be accepted by the "intelligent alien", and I try to teach the readers how they can live their lives based on this premise.

Who was the first to identify your potential as a writer?

Let's get the record straight, I am not a writer. I scored a 400 on my English SAT's and have the vocabulary of a 10 year old. I am a "free thinker" who lives his life to the fullest each day and I wanted to share this experience. I believe the writing style of the book adds charm and allows the reader to really enter my mind and understand how I think. However, I am a Speech and Debate Champion yet it never translated into writing.

Did anyone help you with the book?

My brother Bams is my business manager and he has done an amazing job in getting the book published and distributed. He was the one to motivate me to finish the book that I had been talking about for years. We have talked for years about doing a big business idea and here it is! Also, without my idiot friends, most of the stories described never could have occurred.

Will you consider writing any additional book in the future?

If this book is a success and the feedback is positive, I would absolutely consider writing a 2nd edition down the road. The topics are all about life experiences and every day of my life is such an adventure I don't think I would ever run out of new material to write about.

What is the best part about writing this book?

In 50 years, I will be a smelly old man in a nursing home. My great grandchildren will come visit me once a year at most. When they do come, I want to be able to hand them this book so that know at one point in my life I was actually really fun and lived each day to the fullest.

Leave us with your favorite passage from the book.

Have you ever been to Sweden? If so, you likely went to their most popular museum, which is the Vasa Museum. This is an entire museum dedicated to this massive warship that was built in the 1600’s. It is truly the pride and joy of all of Sweden. Who cares? So what? Why the hell did I buy this stupid book? Would you please calm down you Dedra, I am getting to my point. Anyways, I guess I was the naive one who thought that there must be some amazing history behind this warship which is why they are so obsessed over it. It must have either sailed around the world or sunk over 100 enemy ships during a war. Nope and nope. Instead, the first time it set sail in the water, it went 100 feet and then sunk to the bottom of the ocean for no reason. I am not making this up. Google it, if you don’t believe me. If I was in charge of a country, and something like this happened, I would murder every person that had any knowledge of the ship sinking to avoid the truth from ever getting out to my people and the rest of the world. I certainly would not dedicate an entire museum to show the world how incompetent we are. Makes no sense.

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