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Indecisive Traveler

Rease Kirchner from St. Louis (Missouri) is a freelancer running a successful travel blog We have conducted an interview with her.

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When you quit your good paying job, what were your first thoughts about forgoing the good salary?

I knew it seemed irresponsible, but I had always been such a good saver. I had thousands saved up and I knew I could make it for awhile without a job. I just kept telling myself "Money alone doesn't make you successful, you need to be happy too" I wasn't ready to settle at the age of 22.

Was there a time after you quit, that you feel insecure as a freelancer? When and how exactly did you overcome it?

When I first went freelance, I obsessively checked job listings, handed out business cards, and marketed myself. I got several jobs right when I moved back to the US from Argentina, but I didn't feel like it was enough. After a couple months, I realized that the clients were coming in just fine. I was able to convince myself that I had very marketable skills and I was very good at what I did. Once I figured out exactly how to focus my energy between finding work and getting work done, I started to fall into a really good rhythm with work.

In your opinion and personal experience, what is the future of traveling? Have you ever regretted on your decision?

I believe (and hope) that more and more people will start to travel and leave behind traditional jobs. I don't think that it's a lifetstyle that si for everyone, but for those who are constantly saying they wish they could travel more, or are envious of other people's travels - they should get out there and do it. I think more people will start taking gap years or extended periods of time off work so they can see the world. I have never regretted my decision. Sure, there are traveling days that are rough and maybe not the most amazing day ever, but that's just life, no matter how you are living.

What are the features of your travel blog? Who should read your blog?

My blog is about my adventures while traveling as well as my travel tips and food I love throughout my travels. Anyone who is interested in funny stories, inspirtation, travel advice, and food around the world would find something they like on my blog. My motto is "choosing not to choose," and I often talk about my choice to go freelance and travel and how it affects my life, my relationships, and finances.

If someone is considering to do the same as you did, what advice will you give?

I would say go for it. Save up a bit of money, figure out what marketable skills you have and want to use, and throw yourself into you. You need a lot of confidence and discipline to be freelance, but if you truly want it, you can make it happen. The same goes for traveling. You do not have to be rich to travel. I worked as a preschool teacher before I began my travels, I never struggled to pay for my trips.

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