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The Generalist

Thomas Duder is the writer of The Generalist novella series. We have conducted a short interview with him:


Why did you name "The Generalist" novella series 'Taboo'?

OH, oh no~! The novella series is called "The Generalist," but I'm a horrible freak for what I consider cool and badassed. With that stated, the episodes are called "Taboo" instead of something like "Files" or just flat-out "Episodes."

There are secret organizations in your novella, how did you come about this idea?

Secret organizations? What secret organizations? There is no conspiracy here, carry on citizen. Naw, seriously - everything's better with secret organizations. In a world where reality itself can be screwed with in such a myriad of ways, and Artifacts and monstrosities run rampant, there's going to be those groups who believe they can utilize these powers, creatures, and items in order to gain influence and power themselves.

In real life, there are many groups who have existed all throughout human history and over many different social strata. So the idea of these groups having a deep-rooted foundation within the series gives me plenty of backstory to play with. Besides, it gives me an excuse to utilize Vatican Warlock Assassins and ninjas all over the goddamn place.

Yeah. Ninjas are cool.

Do you always write stories about reality?

Actually, growing up I tried my hand at hard sci-fi and epic fantasy...and failed at both. Horribly, might I add. On the other hand, I seem to do quite well in a more modern day setting, though given the evolution of my writing style (PRETENTIOUS INDIE AUTHOR ALERT!) I may once again try to write in such genres again.

I'd like to think that any artist can commit themselves to producing content in any medium they're comfortable with. As a writer, I'd like to think that I'm not limited by's just that I'm freakin' awesome at action-adventure urban fantasy.

What is the most interesting and intriguing about the Los Angeles of tomorrow?

The most interesting and intriguing? Y'know, I've got a bunch of short stories in the up-coming Omnibus volume 1 (a chronicle of Taboos 0-3, plus a whole bunch of other content to justify the 10 dollar price tag - final price pending!), and one of them appeals to me greatly. Nothing bad happens in it - it's just a simple date between Frank and Vorel.

That's all. It's nice, semi-relaxing, semi-romantic comedy, and just...normal. Which, for me, is important to show to others - that despite the over-the-top way these people live, how these characters are facing death and existential destruction on a daily basis can still find the time to just be normal, such a thing just makes them even more loveable as characters.

Sure, this is a series that's all about the fist to face, but I can't help but like Frank and Dash as they do stupid little troll dances and piss on the fallen bodies of their foes. I'd like to think that the audience does too.

Where can we read more about your writing?

The Pen Is My Sword is my main litblog, er... YES I KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE I assure you, it's "The Pen Is My Sword."

Anyway, there you can read just about everything I put out...including free, mostly unedited versions of The Generalist. I take them down when it's time to publish though, so there IS a time limit on 'em! Currently I got 3 and 4 up, and there's tons of lyrics, poems, and also the overview for a Advanced Wars style game I was preparing at the time before going full-throttle with The Generalist.


Moving forward, what could our readers expect to see from your works in the near future?

Works? Well, I have a whole multiverse which crosses over into other multiverses that certain close friends run and have given me permission to run rampant with. Jude, one of the focal characters of Taboo 1: Where's the Beef? is one such character, coming from a comic my best friend has called "The Darksider." He's had this IP for, like, ever...certainly ever since 2002. Anyway, Jude was retrofitted and brought over to The Generalist and we established that during the Havoc of 2012, while the whole world was going completely psychotic the events of The Darksiders was also going down.

And by "retrofitted" I don't mean upgraded or anything at all...just the concept that he was going to get slapped around by the Shop boys before he got a chance to be badassed. I'd like to think he got fairly jawjacked before showing his chops what with the guns and the acid and the five kazillion weapons he's got stashed on his person. far as my works are concerned? Who knows - I'm a vocalist, a lyricist, a writer, a gamer, a crappy programmer, a podcaster, reviewer, editor, and have often considered taking up bounty hunting...except the red tape is extraordinary.

As far as The Generalist is concerned? Ohhhhhh boy. Taboo 4: Angle of the Angels will FINALLY have the perfected version of the Battle at Brownstone, plenty of Gervais St. Germain (the smoothest muthafugguh I've ever created), more God being a Jewish Carlos Mencia, a little bitta Lucifer (NOT Satan, there IIIIIS a difference dontcha know), and a whole lotta Frank and Dash putting fist to face.

As the series progresses, be prepared for at least two more psychotic mid-air battles, some interdimensional bullshittery, a bit of backstory in the "true history" of the world, and certainly more implied sex scenes. Mostly violence, though. Definitely.

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