The Moose Method

Moose from New York runs a website that contains blogs on Relationship Advice for Men. We have conducted an interview with him:

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Do you really think women enjoys sex more than men? Why do you think so and how different do you think women are from men in this aspect to show their enjoyment?

Women are more into quality as appose to quantity, men tend to want quantity over quality. Men are naturally imprinted to think of sex constantly which drives us to do all sorts of crazy things for sex, this is part of the reason why we have 7 billion people on this planet. Those two factors are important to understand because they can be easily be confused, because you enjoy something more often does not necessary means that you enjoy it more.

The reason why I know women enjoy sex more is because they usually tend to make preparations such as removing body hair, fixing their hair, doing their nails and of course putting on sexy lingerie all leading up to the event. They tend to bite, scratch your back, press you against them and moan during/throughout the whole experience. Women basically put much more thought into sex than men because they will enjoy it more.

Other than writing on your blog, what are your other interests?

Aside from being an internet junkie, I enjoy comedy and part of the reason why I run a few funny blogs, just to name some;, and addicted to instagram at absurdpics (follow me). I’ve actually thought about being a standup comedian, but I’m compensated well with my current career.

My parents are Brazilian, I was born in NY but spent most of my youth living in Brazil; as you may have guessed it, soccer became a religion for me so I tend to follow soccer pretty closely specially the World Cup and do play from time to time. I enjoy going for walks in the evening or ridding my bicycle because it allows me to think on my own, analyze the world and just get lost in deep thinking. I also enjoy being part of large social groups, going on dinner with large groups, bar hopping, etc.

Are the relationship advices for men tested? Where did you draw your inspirations from most of the time?

I am living proof of my blog posts; I’ve been married for about 2 years but been together with the same person for 7 years. That may not sound like a lot and some may say that is nothing for someone to be giving relationship advice. But the reality is, your relationship and/or marriages is always a work in progress relation and your always learning from one another and learning to adapt to the changes that are brought on. If a relationship did not evolve, change or posed challenges from time to time, relationships would be completely boring and pointless.

Most of my inspirations came from just good old plain experiences. I’ve had multiple long term relationships over the years, and I can truly say that I’ve been in love, engaged more than once; hurt on multiple occasions, bored and sometimes flat out confused. I’ve been also been inspired from reading books such as the Art of War and few physiology books.

Why did you name it "The Moose Method"?

One of my nicknames is “Moose”, that name came from two things. First I’m a big guy; second one came from working in a restaurant while in College where the bar tender was coming around the corner with a drink tray, ran into me. He fell straight to the floor, had the wind knocked out of him, and looked up at me while I was standing between him and a chandelier and he said with a heavy NY Italian accent “that’s it, you’re a Moose! You look like a Moose with those moose horns coming out of you”. I guess the chandelier and the reflection of the light made me look like I had horns in my head. As for the Method part, it was part due to availability of .com and what sounded good. Hence the name, the Moose Method!

What is the next most regularly given personal advice other than: "practice safe sex, my mother always said; don’t put another mouth on this world if you can’t feed it!"?

I’m a humble person, I tend to listen in more often than speak, and I’ve had many people in my life that I look up and still do. I’ve heard all types of advices but the one advice that I can give to the world is, just be yourself!

Life is about YOU, not be confused with ignorant words like “YOLO” or “I keep it real”. You are the main character of your life. Think of your favorite movie character and think about why you fell in love with that character and live that life. Being yourself in my world is about loving yourself, loving others, doing the things that you enjoy most in life but not being selfish where you exclude others from living their life. Feel every emotion out there, experience things just because. Don’t fall into routines, or become part of something the system, be the system!

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