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The Next Galaxy

Ssaint-Jems is a writer from the US. he is the author of The Next Galaxy. This book is related to spirituality and he talks about an encounter with a God. We have conducted a short interview with him:
What inspired you to write about "The Next Galaxy"?

To explain what 'inspired' me would be difficult, it was a, all-of-a-sudden, kind of occurance, that suddenly captured my soul; I explain this in the begining text of the book, where I say "by a sudden stroke of something that place me there." I was in the process of writing other books, and all of a sudden The Next Galaxy came out of no where. I was influence by greater forces to write this book. Instead of me seeking it, it sought me.

How long did you take to write from its conceptualization to the final product?

It took about two years, thinking of how to present the otherworldy information TNG contains.

What is the most fascinating about trinity?

The Trinity is fascinating because of its divine mission to undo the cosmic mistakes of the Gods, Mortal, and the Earth, by preserving the Sons. The Trinity has three stages, called the trinitarian, trianguli, tri, which corresponds to three moons that will orbit within the atmosphere of the planet Uranus. Uranus being the original source of the good, lacks these moons which causes the frail distribution of the positive vibration in the milky-way solar system. Mortality will help this cosmic source of good, by adopting the stages of the trinity.

Are you planning on next book? Will it be a continuation or an entirely new title with new subjects?

This is the one and only book about the concept of uplifting the galaxy to its original state, for now I will write about, if I'm giving the chance to take on the role of being a messenger I will graciously embrace it in the future.

How relevant and useful are the illustrastions to your story in the book? Where can our readers find out more about you and future books written by you?

The illustrations shows the organization and shapes related to the future to come. The illustrations show, the extention of the crucifix in its newage shape, and the interlocking symbol of the holy trinity, which will leave the person awe struck with a simple glance. For further explanation, people should visit, or go to my youtube video, tiltled 'what the illuminati don't want you to know' The website contains rare news features and videos like darth vader talking about The Next Galaxy.

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