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Blake Akana Chung

Blake Akana Chung from Lewiston Maine has signed to Bassbox Music Group/LRT/Universal. His new song "Da Corner of OK" is out. We have conducted a short interview with him:


Who's in your Top 5?

Another tough question lol. In no particular order, i'd have to say: M83, Sigur Rós, A Day To Remember, Avicii, and Clams Casino. I also love to listen to numerous movie scores, probably kind of abstract, but I like it.

Is there anything that influences your music?

I find what influences me most in my music, is my life experiences rather than any producers or artists. I kind of grab a memory or feeling and re-cultivate it in my mind, then exert it in the means of music.

What can your fans expect from you?

They can expect pieces of me and my life expressed through music. Good vibes and good times.

Do you have any current or future projects you are excited about?

Currently I'm excited to release my single, we just filmed a video for it. We actually got to shoot it ourselves, which was a wonderful experience. I'm particularly excited to start filming these skits BassBox is going to put together, but other than that, i'm just excited to keep producing records and doing work!

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