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Madness of the night

Madness of the night an alternative band residing in Sweden is celebrating christmas in the give a way a guitar for women in the middle east to promote music instead of violence in that region. We have conducted an interview with them:


What is the story behind the name of your band "Madness of the Night"?

Abir and Daniel were thinking of a name for their band. Since all the music of Madness of the Night is done after midnight. Abir was thinking the name needs to be something to do with the night. And Madness it was a word crossed her mind. Cause many of the lyrics and singing are in a theatrical mad way. Abir is also Bipolar that contributed to the name. Madness of the Night.

It is really meaningful to promote music for women in the middle east region, how did the idea came about and why was that region chosen?

Madness of the Night promote the music internationally this Christmas we wanted to encourage music in the region instead of violence and hate. We think that music can unite instead of divide cultures, religions, races ect. Abir was on a Middle Eastern forum and there was a woman from Yemen who loved Madness of the Night songs. She have spoke in private to Abir and wished she could be able to be like Abir start a band and create music. She never owned a guitar in her entire life. That's how the project started to collect money to enable females to play and start bands in the middle east.

If you could choose another musical instrument to be given away instead of a guitar, which will it be and why?

It could be bass or even drums too the goal is to make females more independent and not only choose marriage and be under control.

Where can we hear songs made by "Madness of the night"?


Could you tell us a little bit more about "Abir"?

Abir is a feminist, singer, drummer of Madness of the Night. She is also a programmer and software developer. She was raised in Beirut from a political and wealthy background but she herself refused politics and radical religion. She is the main power behind Madness of the Night. Her vision for the band is a very feministic band that embraces women all around the world. She also have a lot of Jewish friends and fans that loves her vision and music.

There is a quote she always says as a solution and peace in the Middle east "when Jewish man is allowed to marry an Arabic woman and an Arabic man is allowed to marry a Jewish woman it will be peace in the middle east, love and music are stronger than hate and violence".

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