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Pisoongu - Motivational Lifestyle Brand

Pisoongu is a new Motivational Lifestyle Brand that gives 50% of its sales to Big Brother Big Sister Charity. We have conducted an interview with Efrain E Guerrero Founder of Pisoongu:


Why did you decide to create Where did you draw your inspiration about Pisoongu from?

I decided to start Pisoongu because there is too much procrastination in today’s society and it’s churning out people who have low self esteem, fear of failure, fear of success, fear rejection, anxieties… basically people who under achieve and never accomplish their dreams in life. How do I know this?... because I am a recovering procrastinator.

The above paragraph describes me and the demons I fight daily. I compare procrastination to any other disease or destructive habit like alcoholism for example. An alcoholic will always struggle with not drinking when things get rough or when things are great, he will struggle to make the right choices when it’s easier and more instantly gratifying to make the wrong choices. Procrastinators are the same. Procrastination is like a credit card, all fun and games till it’s time to pay the bill.

So to make a long story short I started Pisoongu first to inspire and motivate myself then to do the same for others, because I know I am not alone. People don’t like to admit their failures and disabilities so they pretend that everything is fine, but as society shows us, it’s not and people have to start believing in themselves again. I am inspired by so many people but the most influential would have to be Simon Sinek, author of The Golden Circle concept and Tim Ferriss author of the 4 Hour Workweek, 4 Hr Body and 4 Hr Chef. I saw him on CreativeLive doing a workshop and he talked about how he reads his dog tag the says “Never, Never, Never Give Up” every morning and every night. He inspired me to create a line of Pisoongu dog tags which in fact is our first product.

Where can we find more information about Big Brother Big Sister Charity?

You can go to or for the Latin site it’s I love giving and sharing and have always had a place in my heart for kids and teens that need guidance and mentorship. There is a lot of them out there that don’t come from the ideal family environment. I was very fortunate to have been born into a loving family environment. I chose Big Brother Big Sister because they believe in what Pisoongu stands for. We are dedicated to giving 50% of our sales because what they are accomplishing is awesome but there is still so much more work to be done.

Is there a community behind this concept?

Great question. Not yet but that’s my goal. I want to help as many Entrepreneurs and Creatives out there by holding them accountable for their actions or lack thereof and connecting them with successful people who can act like Mentors and Coaches. Pisoongu will have a community called The Stick With It Club, where people can support, inspire and hold each other accountable and maybe do some joint ventures all in a non intimidating yet strict environment, because after all the people who most need our help are those who Albert Einstein called insane, they keep doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

What kind of personalities do people with Pisoongu possess?

I will first answer this question with what Pisoongu actually means. Pisoongu ( pea-soon-gu) n. 1. A person who in spite of fears, disabilities, obstacles or excuses, sticks with their goal and never gives up. 2. A person who may look like a failure, yet in reality is one step closer to success. Pisoongu is also an acronym for Persist In Spite Of Obstacles Never Give Up.

Many people throughout history had or have Pisoongu, Tomas Edison, Wright Brothers, Albert Einstein, Elvis, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Winston Churchill, Oprah, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Oscar Pistorius and many, many more. The crazy part is they are all human just like us and if you read their stories they faced obstacles, disabilities and challenges but what separated them from the masses was that they never gave up.

Moving forward, what do you hope to achieve with this ideology?

My desire is to have people all over the world coming together once a week online and in person, sort of like a Mastermind group. But the problem with Mastermind groups is that they usually only want successful people in them and the ones who are not there yet or have really low self esteem don’t go because they don’t feel they’re worthy. Pisoongu however, will have Stick With It Clubs, clubs that take anyone with a dream and a burning desire and from there, with the help of myself and others we will guide, motivate, inspire and hold the members accountable to stick with it and that can only be good right? 

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