The Secret to High Social Media Rankings

Miriam Solzberg is a married mother of two children from Toronto, Canada. Currently she is working as a social media and SEO expert. We have conducted an interview with her about her new book: The Secret to High Social Media Rankings: How to Get Klout


What is the difference between high social media ranking and high pageranks? Which is the most important?

High page rank indicates how authoritative your website or blog is based on how much interaction it receives, how long people are spending on it (if the bounce rate is low) and how many high quality links are linking back to that site. A high page rank indicates that your website or blog is of high authority. A webpage that has high rankings indicates that it is a truth worthy and high quality site but it does not guarantee top rankings on search engines. However a high social media ranking indicates how influential you are as a person online. How often you share information that piques the interest of others. How often you properly engage with others online through your social networks. That depends on how often they respond to you, share your information, speak with you, etc. If others are engaging with you on a daily basis, then that will improve your social media rankings. High page rank is good for SEO purposes. Having a high social media rank is good for purposes that will not just affect you online but offline as well. Having high social media rankings can be a huge determining factor on whether or not you get that job that you want especially if you are in marketing. It can determine whether you get speaking and guest blogging invitations. It can in the end determine whether you get more business or not especially if you are in the marketing field. Your social media rankings are measured through Klout and your Klout score is being looked at more and more.

How can anyone get Klout? Who should take note of this?

Firstly let me explain what Klout is. Klout is a scoring system that measures your activity on social media such as on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. It measures how often you interact with people and how they respond to you. If you get a high response rate, you will be considered as influential in your fields of expertise and at the same time will end up with a high score. Anyone can get Klout by consistently posting interesting information that mostly relates to their niche but going into other niches is ok too once in a while. Talking to others on your networks, and showing an interest in others, and as a result they will like your posts on Facebook, +1 your posts on Google Plus, retweet your tweets, mention you on Twitter without you even having to ask them to. If this happens consistently you will end up with a high score. Yes anyone can get a high score but my concern is that many people do it for the sake of boosting their ego and not to improve their professional profile. People need to understand what the true benefits of are having a high score and measuring your self worth is NOT one of those reasons. For anyone in marketing, PR, social media, SEO, coaching, business owners, authors and anyone who deals with the public on a professional basis really must have a high Klout score. People are checking up on that now if you want to show yourself as high ranking in your field of expertise especially if marketing is involved, they will check your Klout score and decide for themselves.

What is your background and how did you get involved in this field and became an ebook author? What inspires you into writing?

I have a business and marketing background as I earned that from college and developed an interest in marketing and business ten years ago. I have also been writing since I was a child and published two books a few years back in the New Age field since I am also an astrologer but I decided to put that practice on hold. Since I know how difficult it is to market your books, in June of 2011 I opened up my own online marketing company called Gemini Rising Ltd to provide online marketing services such as social media and SEO to business owners of all niches. Over the last year really I started to become very passionate about social media and mastered it very well. I am pleased to help others achieve high social media rankings since I love to share the tricks and tools I have learned along the way. And how I became inspired to write, I have written for over 25 years so it is in my DNA to begin with.

Writing an ebook on Klout I thought was perfect for me to do since I wanted to not only show the true overall picture of what Klout represents since there is a lot of people who don't quite understand it as well as sharing some of my social media tips that can help anyone achieve high social media rankings.

What do you foresee will happen in the social media landscape in 3 to 5 years time? What are the possible problems and challenges?

I believe social media is going to take over completely in time and I even question if websites will still even be around at some point. More and more social networks will pop up in time. One huge problem with social media however is reputation issues. If you do one private thing that would be considered "wrong" and if someone takes a picture of you doing it, he or she could upload it to their social networks and it could become viral in a matter of moments, and that one moment could ruin your career and reputation. The best thing to do is realize that there is no real privacy anymore and do everything you can to build up a positive reputation at the same time. Unfortunately if something from your past leaks out that you did that you are not proud of, it could have some impact on you but not nearly as severe as something that you did that happened recently that was "wrong".

What essential tips would you give to web owners to keep their social media rankings up high?

What I must say to anyone in web design, SEO, marketing, social media, writing, coaching, and CEOs, anyone dealing with the public is to be consistent with creating interesting and relevant posts on your social networks. Connect with others and show interest in what they have to say. Like their pictures, statuses, send them comments, retweet them, mention them, and be professional and entertaining to a degree. Be professional but at the same time let your personality shine. If you do not have the time to do that, hire a social media manager to take care of you! Either way, build a good online presence and you will before you know it, have high social media rankings and be considered influential in your fields of expertise.

different formats of the e-book available at: (pdf) (mobi) (epub)

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