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MIKE RICH is promoting a VERY timely program series online titled NEW YEAR SUCCESS designed to motivate people, get them excited and focused on their goals for 2013~ and beyond. We have conducted an interview with him:


What is your aim with this project?

The program interviews some the finest minds we have about motivation, the top experts who can give real world advice about achieving success in 2013. I enjoyed talking recently with both Les Brown and Brian Tracy who are best selling authors about goal setting. In fact, I recommend to everyone serious about their success in 2013 to sign-up for the course

One of my goals is to become the new modern day Dick Clark/Guy Lombardo of New Year motivation and life success.

I want to ask everyone to consider where they would like to be in their life a few years from now. Imagine it in all its detail and picture what your life could be like one year from now. How did you arrive and get there in the future, work backwards. It starts by having a clear vision. Let me help you design your 1 Year Plan.

My goal for the future is MC more to build a network of achievers that will support each others efforts and also contribute to society in positive ways. So, I see my work more as community service than a way to make money.

I definitely believe in the principles of abundance and divine providence that perhaps, can be called the law of attraction or the secret ingredient. If you want to call it dumb luck, that's alright with me.

I feel people out by what I call your TWA, the flight of fancy you take everyday. Its the measure or "I" Awareness of your own Thoughts, Words and way of Acting (TWA). It defines your attitude and altitude in life - much of what you achieve follows from there.

How the idea of NEW YEAR SUCCESS project came to your mind?

New Year Success has been a brainchild of mine since the late 1980s when I wondered to my friends - why there wasn't any New Year Seminars to help people plan their life goals for the coming year.

Last year I was asked to do a New Year Seminar in Manila and the room was packed which inspired me to return to my roots and produce a live online event this year in the US as well.

I got into 'personal development' as a kid when my older brother would take me to New Age festivals, trade shows and seminars. In my 20s I was asked to host what the New York Times described as the first motivation talk show that aired on KEST-AM in San Francisco in 1987.

Up to that time, I had only been a rock radio DJ and a program director so I was nervous as heck interviewing so many famous experts. I filled my own talk segments by playing self-help cassette tapes and before long I had a following.

After that gig I returned to Chicago in 1990 I hosted a 'Hotline 21' cable show called the Success Club and before long it became a real club where we met every month to work on goals as a group.

I had a great time meeting with people and talking about personal development theories but hated being an administrator and running club chapters. This was before the internet took off and before outsourcing so I felt confined at times having to figure out which club member got their materials, who lost their card or wanted to buy a seminar ticket.

Then in 1993 I had an offer to go on the road promoting Tony Robbins as his National Media Manager. That gig lasted about 7 years and I retired from the club and after 9/11 happened I focused more on other media projects and returned to grad school.

I have started several other businesses. I am a serial entrepreneur and love launching new products and creative ideas. I also run my own independent news bureau and distribute press releases directly to reporters. I do celebPR and produce media events such as New Year Success and have others planned as well.

Where do you live now?

I currently live in Shanghai, China with my wife and 2 little girls who are 5 and 3 at the moment. I will be speaking in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and maybe a couple of other cities before returning to Asia.

From my perspective, things are definitely happening in Asia, life for the most part is good and getting better for the population of China. The US needs a change of TWA and that is one of the reasons I am back doing this. The other reason is to leave a legacy for my children. What motivates me now, is helping to turn our economic peril around. You and I for the most part have great potential, talent and capability. The New Year Success program is about creating a 1 Year Plan and controlling our own destiny.


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