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Raising and Managing Capital - Interview with Daniel K. Desta

Daniel Desta (Los Angeles, US) assists small business owners with raising capital. We have conducted a short interview with him:

Daniel Diesta

How and when did you know that being an Entrepreneur would become your calling in life?

I think it all started when I was working a traditional 9-5 job and knew that God did not create me to just be ordinary. It was then that I started researching what an Entrepreneur was, and at the top of the list was Bill Gates at that time. His story of dropping out of school and working out of his garage to turn Microsoft into what it is today helped make the decision of me venturing into starting my own business.

In today's society, how does it feel to be an Entrepreneur?

It feels amazing. I believe that Entrepreneurship is thriving more then ever in our current economical climate.You can clearly see that people who have a tremendous amount of experience are unable to find any stable and secure jobs, which in turn forces them to create the job themselves.

Where do you attain your source of motivation in down times?

During troubling times I always like to surround myself with mentors who have years of experience and wisdom that would be able to guide me through the troubling times. I strongly believe that without mentors to guide you during the down times you would have no clue what to do during the good times.

When there is a lack of funding, how do you think one can still raise capital and funds for business development?

I have learned long ago that if you are unable to raise capital from traditional sources such as Banks, SBA, etc. the next best source is ALWAYS your warm market. These are people who love you, believe in what you do, and are willing to put up there hard earned capital to see you succeed.

Based on your personal experiences, what are the top three tips you would give to an up and coming Entrepreneur?

My top three tips that I would give an up and coming Entrepreneur would have to start with making sure you are solving a big enough problem that a lot of people can buy into. My second would be to build a solid support system or team that will help you grow the company into what it is you are looking to make it. And my final tip would be to create something that you are passionate about and not only going into it to only make capital.

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