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The Alter Ego project

AQUAOVO is a family owned company that designs, manufactures and distributes eco-design drinking water filtration systems. They are launching a new stylish personal water filter bottle and they chose crowd funding to make it happen. We have conducted a short interview with them:


What are the three key differences in the Alter Ego duo bottle versus the normal bottles other than the water charities background?

• Our multi-patented US based filtration technology is EPA/ANSI certified & exceeds NSF standards 42 & 53 removes up to 99.9999% of water contaminants including viruses and bacterias.
• The seamless and stunning V shaped design fits all occasions, leaves no metallic after-taste, is easy to wash and has an easy filling scavenger bottom lid.
• The filter Assembly fits most of the wide mouth bottle brands available on the market.

What inspired the "Aquaovo experience" and how was it created?

AQUA OVO owes its existence to a strong desire to push the limits of drinking water filtration and conditioning in urban areas. In light of the constant degradation of drinking water quality and of its potential harmful effects on human health, we had a visualization of the products that are now at the core of this company: filtration products that are efficient, attractive and environmentally friendly. AQUAOVO products bring together secrets of age-old traditions with modern technologies thereby exemplifying the famous expression “Observe, Understand and Imitate Nature”.

What kind of guarantees does the Alter Ego duo provides?

There is a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

Laboratory tested and field-proven over ten years, Our portable water filters are extensively tested by only the highest quality, independent state approved laboratories certified to test under strict protocols and standards. The materials in the filter are FDA food-grade approved, and the filter itself is manufactured under ISO 9000 standards.

Besides the urban travelers and humanitarian workers, which are the other profiles of your customer base?

The Alter Ego duo is your perfect hydration companion,reminding you to drink water daily and taking away the excuse of not drinking enough water: The powerful filtration technology allows for the treatment of any questionable source of fresh water; from a chlorinated water source in the city to a dirty river in a foreign country or a mud pound on week long backcountry trekk. The Alter Ego duo is also a must have in case of natural disaster. When the power goes off and the water supply becomes unsafe, your Alter Ego duo guarantees you a reliable and steady personal water supply.

More infor about the Alter Ego'sIndiegogo campaign:

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