DoBoys provides a venue to introduce Users who wish to provide services and Users who seek such services. We have conducted a short interview with the founders.


What kind of jobs does "doboys" offer? Why is it better to hire from your site? offers users the chance to post any type of job/task they can think of. This can range from having someone throw out your trash, iron your clothes,or sit down and keep you company.

If someone's personally identifiable or transactional information with any person or entity is shared, how will you deal with it? How do you maintain the privacy integrity of your site?

Its better to hire from because we offer users the option of placing the agree upon funds into an escrow account, where the funds can only be released once job is completed and approved by the person who posted the job. We do not share, sale or broadcast any of our members information.

How do you explain the concept of escrow to first time bidders/employers?

Escrow accounts are a free service that we offer to bidders and employers as a way to show a sign of trust. A bidder can request that an employer puts the agree upon amount into an escrow account, where neither the bidder or employer can remove the fund until the job is completed and approved by both parties. In other words, the funds are in a neutral account that requires signature of both parties. If both parties cannot agree they file a dispute and reviews the facts and make a decision.

What kind of illegal jobs will your site rejects and considered unacceptable?

Any and all things that are illegal.

What are the top five unique job offers that was ever completed?

(1) WASH MY CAR- in a two pieces bikini. 
(2) DRIVE ME AROUND- wearing a clown custom.
(3) BE MY DATE- to a funeral.
(4) EMERGENCY CALL- call me at work crying my mom died.
(5) FOLLOW ME AROUND- taking my picture like I am a star.

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