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StockBox Photo

Stockbox Photo® Gallery Software provides an affordable solution for photographers, artists and artisans to display and sell their work online. We have conducted an interview with the founders.


How customizable is the Stockbox Photo gallery software?

The look and feel of the software is highly customizable by editing a set of html templates and a style sheet. This allows simple customizations for the inexperienced user, or very complex and unique customizations for the more experienced user. We can also provide affordable template customization services if the photographer or artist prefers. In addition to the look and feel customizations we can also provide custom coding services to alter and extend the functionality of the software as well.

How quickly can a photographer or artist setup their gallery?

There are three basic steps to setting up a gallery. The first is the actual installation of the software on the customer’s server which only takes a few minutes and we offer free installation of the Stockbox software if the customer prefers. The second is the customization of the look and feel of the gallery. This depends on how much customization the photographer is looking for. Some will just use the sample template set and replace our logo. Others will spend some time to really create a unique look and feel. The third step is the population of the gallery with images. This will depend on the size of the photographers archive and how well they have their images organized and prepared for upload. Step two and three can happen in conjunction, so the photographer can be both uploading and customizing at the same time.

What is the license cost for the Stockbox Photo software and what does it include.

There are two versions of the software depending on the features that the photographer or artist need. The Professional version has all of the core functions to allow them to display and sell their images or artwork online and the cost for this is $599.00. The Enterprise version has all of the features available in the Pro. version, as well as many additional advanced features that are useful for both the administrator as well as the gallery end-user and the cost for this is $999.00. This is a one-time license fee that includes 12 months of support as well as any updates released in that period. After the initial 12 months they can extend the support/update subscription in 12 month increments at a cost of $120 for the Pro. version and $240 for the Ent. version. If they don’t need support or updates, then they can continue using the software without an additional payment. Also, Stockbox does not take any commission on the gallery sales.

Does Stockbox have a money back guarantee?

Since Stockbox Photo is a software application, we don’t provide refunds, but we can provide potential customers with a hosted demo on our servers and/or a trial version for them to install on their server. We encourage potential customers to ask any questions that they may have prior to purchasing so that they know that the software will meet all of their needs.

Which web browsers does the software support?

Since our software is standards compliant it supports all modern browsers and since the gallery admin is web browser based, it is platform independent, which means that it can be managed from Mac or Windows based machines.

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