Why am I alone in marriage

Why Am I Alone in Marriage” is a step-by-step guide to a happy and healthy relationship. The eBook was co-authored by Max and Alina in January of 2012 and the response thus far has been heart warming, to say the least. We have conducted a short interview with them:


What do you consider as a ''healthy relationship''?
Healthy relationship is a relationship that makes you better, improves your character traits, and gives you the feeling of endless happiness. You are filled with love directed not only to your partner but to everything that surrounds you. Healthy relationship gives you the feeling of harmony and the warmth that resonates within your soul. This is creative energy that transforms everything around you. Very often, such relationship helps to open “hidden treasures” in people, such as talents previously not observed. And if tomorrow morning you will crave to write the poem or you will hear the bird singing a beautiful melody – do not be surprised. This is all due to the healthy and happy relationship.

How does your background in Psychology help you in co-authoring this book "Why Am I Alone" with your wife?
While studying problems in relationships for many years, we wanted to help more people, not only the ones that we worked with. While traveling we observed the same patterns in human relationships and we realized that there is a need for a comprehensive system. So, we created easy and accessible system that everyone could use for their specific situation and find solutions to the problems at hand. Today we are happy to see that system works thanks to the testimonials we get from different people in various age groups and geographical areas.

Which are three tell-tale signs that a marriage is at risk?
The very first and the most important sign that a marriage is at risk is the irritation from “small things” – it could be anything from the tone of the voice or how “he” is chewing while eating with you. Also, one has to watch for a desire to find the reason to provoke the partner for an argument.

The second sign is the lack of desire to spend time together (this could be from doing something on day off or having intimate time). Here is very important to note the feeling of boredom that people experience at times in their relationships.

Third and the most important sign is the absence of desire to make the other party happy. This could be a little surprise, flowers, love note before leaving for work etc. It is very important to realize that Even what at first Seem like Small Relationship Issue Can End a Marriage/Relationship...

Who would you recommend this book?
This book is written for a wide audience. I would even compare it to the GPS navigator system. Everyone uses one. Before you get to point B , you have to know point A ( where you are – that is where the assignment comes in the beginning of the book for you to see “where you are”. Once you know point A (where you are) and point B (where you want to be – Key to a Happy Relationship) – you start driving there – opening the circles for yourself while reading the book and feeling better as everything comes together in a life puzzle..

This book is for those who already have relationship and would like to improve it (take it to the next level); also, for those who are looking to enter into relationship and are dreaming to know the secrets to harmony. The book includes 7 circles of relationships:
you and your work…where do you think the work should be in your priorities?…while reading you may be shocked and suddenly awake knowing which place your career should place in your relationship… You and friends, you and children… So, your correct priority within the 7 Circles of Relationships is the Secret Key to your Happiness. Because you’ll be using a system, you too will discover it and fell better immediately.

In your opinion (and also your wife), the re-establishment of the relationship with patience, forgiveness and time - amongst them, which is the most difficult to achieve? Why.
For any human being it could be difficult to reach the desired result… First comes the understanding with the reason “why” you should nurture such qualities in yourself… Once you know the secret to a happy relationship - it will be easy to share patience and forgiveness with your loved ones…and the time will not be against you anymore… “7 Circles of Relationship” System will open the veil and you will use it and see for yourself how easy it is to improve any relationships (family, work related, with relatives, children, yourself etc.) You will feel the magic of 7 Circles and thank yourself for being alive and enjoying life again. “Trading life for money” will not be the option anymore as you will finally find the balance in your emotions and set the relationship priorities in the way that the quality of your life will be getting better with time.

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