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The Director

Director Tarik Freitekh Host of the famous show "The Director" attended the white house correspondent dinner this year. He posted some photos on his social network sites with different celebrities such as Sofia Vergara, Bradley Copper and many more, also PSY posted a photo with Tarik Freitekh on his official instagram the photo got over 17 thousand likes.


Tarik Freitekh is a filmmaker who takes the occasional adventure into the world of Music videos, commercials, and creative film. Tarik has worked with different artists on a variety of music videos.


He received his first Bachelor Degree from The University of Technology Sydney in arts of Architecture; he also studied Digital Filmmaking and Video Production at The Art Institute. 


He recently finished directing a project for the big star Shakira, Snoop Dogg, R-Kelly, Tamer Hosny & Shaggy.



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