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Wedlock (known as 105 Deckowls outside North America) is an electro-pop act revolving around singer/songwriter and founding member Paul Allgood. We have conducted a short interview with him:


How did you both decide to form your band and named it Wedlock?

It was political in nature. There were different names brought up like Satori, but in the end Wedlock was the best choice in response to the amendment trying to be passed. "This is what Wedlock looks like" and then depicting all types of consenting adult couples would be most accurate, but too long for a band name. So Wedlock is just a short for all that.

Other than Indie genre, do you also perform other music genres? If yes, which are they? If no, why not?

Electronic synth pop, light funk, and it's probably a misnomer, but R&B. Then there was a really dumb comparison to Bruce Hornsby. That still makes no sense.

Which was the most memorable time when your band perform? Where and what were your deepest impressions?

Bits and pieces come up from each time out. The Polytechnic in England was fun, Wilmington,NC was fun, New York too. Even when things went wrong at least performing in front of people was exciting.

If you have to name three other Indie groups that you both like, which are the ones?

Just speaking for myself I've been listening to The Wild Swans and A.R. Kane, but I wouldn't call them "indie."

Based on your personal experiences, what is the most challenging aspect about being an Indie artist nowadays?

The same challenges as anybody else. What's the difference between an independent shop vs. a corporate chain?

More info on Wedlock:

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