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We have conducted an interview with Thrandur from the cool Iceland! He is the owner of 4x4OffRoads.com - one of the more exciting 4x4 sites.


What are the myths about 4x4 trucks?

There are a lot of myths about 4x4 trucks. The biggest one is perhaps that many people think 4x4 owners take their huge trucks with big wheels out offroading only to damage the environment. The reality is that most offroaders respect nature and want to give their kids and grandkids the same opportunity to discover the country as they have. A related myth is also that big tires damage more - when the opposite is actually true. A big tire - especially aired-down touches the ground with a lighter touch than a man in walking boots!

What is your free eBook about and why did you want to write an eBook about it?

One of the big hurdles new 4x4 owners have is how to lift their truck. So - I wrote this short eBook to help them get on the right track and the right mindset. A lifted 4x4 truck can be exponentially more capable in offroading than what you get out of the factory. I wanted to show 4x4 truck owners the step-by-step way to create their own!

Which are the main reasons why people like the 4x4 trucks?

It is easy to see why people love 4x4 trucks. They are COOL! At least they immediately know that these trucks are built with knowledge and love. A custom built 4x4 stands out (literally) on a parking lot or on the highway. It obviously says to us: "I am built for the highlands and I can take the beating!".

When did you start the 4x4OffRoads.com and what are your aspirations for this site which you own?

I started building the 4x4OffRoads.com site back in 2003 - so it has been a while! Originally I wanted to give offroaders practical advice for better offroading. Since then it has grown to become one of the more popular 4x4 and offroading sites.

Given 30 words to describe your business, what will you say?

Our slogan is: Cooler 4x4 trucks and more offroad freedom! This pretty much sums it up. We try to find the coolest 4x4 trucks to give our readers ideas about their next project. At the same time we try to help our readers experience the freedom that offroading can offer.

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