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Interview with Christine Mary Flemming

Christine Mary Flemming is the author of the novel The Lifewatcher. She has a degree in Art History and Philosophy and studied The University of Reading, UK. She has worked as a local journalist and has written television scripts and radio plays, this is her first book. We have conducted a short interview with her:


Why did you choose to study in the Philosophy of the Mind?

I had studied philosophy as an undergraduate, and philosophy of the mind was touched on. I found the subject fascinating and wanted to learn more about. Exploring what goes on in our minds is useful for a writer I think.

What are the usual things you do in book clubs for your books?

I don't actually go to the book clubs that have taken and interest in 'The Lifewatcher' but I do get feedback. A friend of mine introduced the book to her club and it has taken off from there. It's a good book for clubs because there's several different topics and so there's lots to talk about.

In the next coming story, how would you want the protagonist or antagonist to be like?

I don't have a set idea about the character's I write about, but for my next book 'President Fionn' I had an idea in mind. As a boy, Fionn is a dreamer with a great imagination, as an adult he loses this sense of wonder, which is sad in a way.

How does your background knowledge in your post-graduate studies and past experiences help shaped your story in your book?

I think my post-graduate studies helped me look more deeply into the subjects I was interested in and also it gave me the discipline to sit down and work every day. I think all writers use the experiences they have had in life in their work, I honestly think everyone has a book in them, a story to tell that would be interesting. 

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