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Overcome your fears and reach your dreams

Manuel Mata is coach, consultant and writer. His first book "Overcome your fears and reach your dreams" got published with Createspace. We have conducted an interview with him:

Manuel Mata es coach, redactor y escritor

When you were writing your first book "Overcome your fears and reach your dreams", did you have any personal experiences about fear(s) and even overcoming your own fears?

When I was writing “Overcome your fears and reach your dreams” I was leaving a complicated state of anxiety and depression and I was facing my own fears. It wasn't easy but there were several things that I supported to achieve this, like the illusion for my projects and my partner, which motivated me to continue, despite the fears. It was also useful the help of a professional for coaching me in the most critical moments.

Apart from your own knowledge which you have incorporated into this book, were there other contributors? If yes, who are they and what is so special about (each of) them?

In fact, aside from my knowledge of the issues and my personal experiences, I have incorporated numerous contributions from other authors and important characters. In fact, the book is a manual for overcoming fears and live a fuller life that I built from the wisdom, knowledge and works of many authors of self-help and self-improvement; such as Napoleon Hill, Louise L. Hay, Susan Jeffers, Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, etc. The collection that I have prepared is immense, and constitutes a work in which I wanted to capture in a single book the knowledge that I have considered fundamental for personal development.


What three tips would you give to someone who wants to reach their dreams?

My three tips are: 

1. Pay attention of only what you want, not what they have said to you or have inculcated you that you must want to do or be in life. 
2. Act and do what you have to do in spite of the fear to the uncertainty, to the defeat, to the criticism, etc. 
3. Trust in you and in your dreams, do not lose the hope that any day they become true, so persist and have patience, and then success will come.

Which part as describe in your first book did you work outside your own comfort zone?

Time ago I was a worker as many people, but I decided to fight for my dreams even if it meant to do things that I've never done before, such as doing conferences, videos, webinars, speaking in public, etc. I was a shy child and grew up beating myself, my complexes, my fears, etc. Gradually I gained self-esteem and more trust in my abilities, being less introverted and easier to deal with people. I consider myself to be a person who values his own space, but that also values the relations with others and get out of my comfort zone too often trying new things and overcoming the fear of failure, whenever I start a new professional project.

Why do you think the tools mentioned in your book is/are powerful?

The tools of my book are so powerful for two reasons: 

1. They come from studies and knowledge of many people, authors, influential characters ... and 
2. Put into practice, they can change the life of any person, empowering them to take up the reins of their lives and take the path to achieve their goals.

In your personal opinion, which is the MOST powerful tool and why?

In my opinion, the most important tool is the development of self-esteem, to rely more on ourselves and our dreams, enabling us to better accept the failures, overcome fears and enjoy lifetime with more love and harmony.

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