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Interview with "Mystic" John Culbertson.

"Mystic" John Culbertson resides in Charleston, Missouri in the United States. He is an author, a spiritual teacher, a life coach, a "psychic"/Intuitive Counselor, a shamanic practitioner, and a motivational speaker. We have conducted an interview with him:


Which is your most memorable experience as a shamanic practitioner?

As a shamanic practitioner I can honestly say I have had many memorable experiences. Some of which occurred while I was doing healing work on them, many of which are very personal that occurred while I was journeying. For those who don’t know, journeying is the term we use to describe our adventures beyond the physical world. Some would link this to deep meditation or astral traveling. I think the first journey I ever did stands out as very memorable. Meeting my totem animal and main spirit teacher will always hold a special place in my life. As a shamanic practitioner, you learn that your totem animal is your life force, an ally, and a trusted companion. He or she chooses you with care and doesn’t appear until certain you are ready to truly learn. “Teachability” is one of the first lessons you learn as a shamanic practitioner. Are you truly ready to learn? What are you willing to give up so that you can learn? Do you think you understand the concept? Because if you think you understand and you close your mind off to learning anything else or hearing other thoughts/opinions, and you aren’t willing to keep learning, then you really don’t understand and you haven’t learned anything…

As a psychic, do you think Extrasensory perception (ESP) has been underrated? Why?

Quite the opposite. I think ESP is overrated. I know that may sound strange coming from a psychic, but the truth is I’m not anyone special. I honestly believe everyone has intuition or psychic ability. They are the same thing to me. Anyone can learn to pay attention to that inner voice and trust their natural instincts. I’m trying to demystify the mystical so that every person can learn to tune into and trust themselves.

Look, a long time ago scientist didn’t believe the world was round. People didn’t think it was possible to get to the moon, let alone any other planet. Yet, today, we have learned, proven, and know the world is in fact round. We have not only been to the moon, but are making leaps and bounds toward exploring other planets too. Just because someone can’t see something or doesn’t believe something, that doesn’t make it not real.

ESP is as natural as telepathy or mind to mind communication. People do and use it all the time. They just don’t realize or acknowledge they are doing it. My book, “Improve Your Intuition” helps the average person (and advanced practitioner alike) learn to more easily recognize and control that which is already natural to the human race as a whole.

How do you explain the power of prayers?

I don’t know if I can explain prayers, but I do know prayers work. Furthermore, there has been much research that has been done that has linked many an unexplained phenomena to prayers. I’ll try to explain prayer from a somewhat “different” perspective. One that one of my spiritual guides Marcius (a former French Monk) explained to me: It’s not at all unknown by religious and spiritual followers that prayer is a means of communication with a higher power (whatever you want to call that higher power). Consider for a moment that we all have the ability to put out a certain vibration, or frequency, when we think. This vibration acts to draw similar vibrations to us. This is commonly known as the Law of Attraction. Well when we pray, three things are happening.

First, we are, through a telepathic means, communicating with a higher power. A higher power that exists and takes a vested interest in us and our lives. Second, we are sending out a vibration to the world that can be honed in on by other similar vibrations. This is the law of attraction aspect of prayer. Finally, we are in essence entering into a type of meditation where we are focusing our mind. This helps to calm, ground, and center us. Since prayer is so powerful, it would benefit people to pray more often. A person may not have their prayers answered right away, in the way they desire, or at all, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing any good at all. If you feel better after doing something, then it’s worth continuing to do over and over again.

Why did you choose to be a mystic and motivational speaker? Did you consider this practice a difficult field?

One does not choose to be involved in this line of work. This line of work chooses you to be involved with it. It is a difficult field, at least here in the United States. Some countries tend to hold more respect for what I do, but here in the U.S. there are many that have a misguided understanding of what I do and the processes that are involved. This is thanks to Hollywood and religious fanaticism.

At the end of the day, it’s about if I’ve managed to help someone or open their eyes/mind in a new way. If I’ve done that, then I’ve done my job. Contrary to what people think, I’m not here to tell people what to do and I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do have a burning passion and drive for helping people to find and live a better life.

What is your favorite quote in life?

That’s a really hard question, as I have so many! I love Einstein quotes, but for today I feel this is the one most needed by your readers. “Even in our darkest times there is the promise of something better to come, if we can only believe & stand firm. As surely as the seasons come & go, so the dark times eventually pass and a brighter time arrives." - Jennifer Carter

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