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Insurance on us Interview

We have gotten our hands on the owner of an insurance review website for a short interview. The website is based in Australia and includes reviews on all the insurers in the country.


When did you decide you wanted to write reviews on insurance?

I am a vivid fans of reading blogs, however most of the blogs that I ever came across dwelled among the subject of the personal lives of the bloggers, celebrities, and maybe in some cases, interesting tips on cars and even make up. There weren’t a lot of blogs related to the financial market where the blogger had things to say about certain companies, so seeing this hole; I decided to start a blog on insurance reviews.

How many reviews do you write each day?

When I first started, I only wrote a few each day. However as more people came to my website and I was getting more fans on Facebook, I knew it was time to increase my output. These days, I write anywhere between one to three reviews a day, however I only publish them onto my website once a week.

Were there any reviews that you found extra challenging to write?

One thing for sure is that every company that I have written reviews about were unique in their own ways. Some were easy to write while others required some digging through their websites. There was however some insurers that did took me a longer time to review, not because they had a complicated website but because they had so much to offer and I unsure to decide what information to include.

The first was the review I wrote about Bingle Insurance a few months ago. The car insurer is currently one of the best rated insurers in the country due to their unique approach of selling policies online. I think that innovative companies that let customers save money are companies that are hitting it big these days, not only in Australia. I have seen this phenomenon take place all over the world.

The other company that was interesting to write about was ANZ Insurance. For those that don’t know, they were one of the earliest financial companies in Australia and it comes as no surprise that they also offer insurance.

What are your future plans besides writing insurance reviews?

I think the next step for me is to start a new blog on reviewing loans. I did a search on loan reviews a few days ago and weren’t able to find much websites on them, except for some forums and community review website. I think many readers will find this blog interesting, however my plan for starting this new blog won’t be happening until at least a few months.

What are some tips you can give to our readers if they are looking for a new insurance policy?

Always shop around and look for great deals. With the internet, many online companies tend to charge cheaper premiums as well as issuing the policies on the spot. Lastly, of course, is to read reviews so that you can learn from other people’s experience.

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