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Part Time Ted

Part Time Ted builds blog based websites (authority sites) on a part time basis for money. His portfolio includes a wide variety of websites that earn money from advertising, affiliate sales, my own product sales and by selling services to the public. We have conducted an interview with him:

Why Are Authority Blogs or Authority Sites more important nowadays?

Good question. I would say that the main reason why Authority Sites and Authority Blogs are more important now is because there are so many websites in every niche now that yours has to be better than the others in order for it to stand out. Authority sites like I teach about at are higher quality sites that visitors prefer to land on when they are searching the internet. And because the visitors prefer to land on these kinds of sites, that means that the search engines want to show those kinds of sites to the visitors. When people find your site and realize that it has everything they were looking for, then those people are more likely to tell their friends about it. They are more likely to share it within their social media circles. They are more likely to link to it from their own blogs if they have one. They are more likely to mention it on forums or pretty much anywhere that they talk with other people.

Because of all of those things, this type of website is easier to succeed with. It is easier to get traffic for. It is easier to get links for. It is easier to get ranked higher in the major search engines.

Overall, it is a much better business model for someone to use as a way to make money with a website. It is honestly the best business model I have ever come across for building money making websites. That is especially true for people who do not have a lot of experience building websites that make money. If you read this article - you will learn how a basic authority site is designed and how it works.

What Recommendations Would You Give To People With A Website That Nobody Likes? What Steps Should they Take?

If you have a site that nobody likes then the obvious solution is to identify why they do not like it. In this case you would have to look at each situation a bit differently. There is not a one size fits all solution.

In most cases I think that people don’t like websites because they do not give the searcher what he or she is looking for. A good example is a typical article directory website. If a person does a search in Google and lands on an article at an article directory, very often they will realize that the article lacks depth and does not really deliver on what they had hoped it would. The author has just published that article for a link back to his site. Therefore he had not bothered to put any real effort into writing that article. He just pushed it out as fast as he could while mostly disregarding quality. In addition to being a shallow article, the article directory has probably stuffed lots of advertising into the article and around the outside of the article. Many times these kinds of websites overdo it with the advertising. So the searcher feels like the whole experience of reading that article was lousy. They begin to hate that site. In a case like that, the way to fix it would be to upgrade the quality of the content published there and also improve the experience for the searcher. You can do that by insisting on higher quality writers and by reducing the amount of advertising on the site. That is just one example though. Other sites would require a different approach. In general when building a website you want to first think about the type of person you are trying to attract to that website. If you know that in advance, then you can custom tailor the website a little bit to make it more attractive to that person.

You want your site to be reasonably appealing to the eye so that you make a good first impression the first time a new visitor arrives.

And you want to make sure that the visitor finds what he was seeking when he landed on your page. If he doesn’t find what he was hoping and expecting to find, then he probably isn’t going to be happy that he landed there.

When I am building authority sites, each page serves a very specific purpose on the site. Each page of the website fits together with the page before it and after it so that they all come together like a jigsaw puzzle. The finished product is the entire collection of pages pieced together. Each page explains one more detail of the total puzzle. By doing that, you end up creating a website that the searcher is really happy that he found.

What Can You Do With Your Website or Blog That Will Get More People To Share It With Their Friends?

The most important thing you have to ask yourself is “How can I make a big positive impression on visitors that land on my site?” If you can figure out how to make a big enough positive impression on them, then they will want to share it with their friends. Figuring out how to do that and actually doing that are the hard parts.

If you are willing to pay for custom graphic design work, then you can make a positive impression that way. If you are funny, witty or otherwise entertaining then you can make a positive impression that way.

I do not usually do either of those because I am not good at either one. So the way that I try to impress my visitors is by making the website as useful as possible. In other words, I focus on having the best content and the best information. I try to be very thorough. That way hopefully the person will get the impression that my site is the single best source of information about that topic on the internet.

If I can convince them of that, then I know that they will share it with their friends. I try to make it easy for them to do that by placing shortcuts to the major social media networks. I also remind them periodically throughout my blog that they should share it with their friends.

I wish I knew a magic trick for getting people to like my sites more. Unfortunately I do not know of any. You just have to do your best.

How Can You Get Your Blog To Rank Higher

My blogs all tend to rank really well because of the basic formula I follow.

1) Focus on long tail keywords that are four words long or longer
2) Make sure the keywords appear in the URL for the page
3) Put the keyword in your page title
4) Put the keyword in your headings at least once usually the top most heading
5) Make sure your keyword phrase appears several times on each page
6) Link around inside your website generously between pages. These links should be embedded right within the main articles on your site. A link from inside an article is generally worth more than a link from your sidebar or footer. Use descriptive anchor text for those links.
7) Use the Yoast Wordpress plugin – It is the best one out there.
8) Use sitemaps.
9) Place links in your sidebar to the most important pages on your website that you want to rank the highest.
10) Embed images within your articles and make sure you use descriptions and ALT tags.
11) Make your articles long. The information should be very thorough.
12) Get links from other blogs by letting your blogger friends know about your new blog.
13) Get links from other blogs by guest posting.
14) Build links to inner page more so than to the homepage.
15) Get links from other blogs by leaving high quality insightful comments.
16) Ignore nofollow links and do not waste your time with them unless they come from a very trustworthy site.
17) Encourage other people to share your website with social media.
18) Go find websites where your target audience hangs out and try to get links from those websites any way that you can.
19) Find the most authoritative places on the internet related to your industry where you might be able to get a link from. Spend a good amount of effort trying to get one link from each place.
20) Get one link from as many different trustworthy websites as possible.

If you do all twenty of those things, then you will be very happy with the rankings you are getting. You can also read more about how I do search engine optimization for a blog by reading this page -

Why Did You Offer A Free Product On Your Website? What Is So Special About That Product?

Normally I would have sold that product on a website like that if I intended to make money with the website. I probably could have sold that starter kit for a fairly high price. It is very detailed and highly informative.

The reason I chose to give it away instead is because I wanted to use this website to establish new contacts with people who are trying to build websites that make money. I figured that I could accomplish that better by giving the product away instead of selling it. So that is why I gave it away. I have learned that building a successful online business is a lot easier if you know a lot of people online and if you are friends with a lot of people. So the idea was to use that product giveaway to help me initiate a bunch of new friendships.

In the future I hope to leverage those friendships by asking my friends to help me generate publicity for some new projects I am working on. I will also be partnering and working very closely with many of the people who have downloaded my kit. So I do expect to earn a profit from this when it is all said and done. I will earn that profit in an indirect manner instead of just selling something.

The product I put together (the starter kit) is special because it is a proven business model that anyone can do if they want to. Any person out there right now who is struggling to find a way to make a small but profitable website can copy my exact business model and succeed with it. They will succeed with it if they copy my model. It works pretty much every single time you do it as long as you do what you are told to do. I think that makes this product very valuable. A smart marketer can take the advice I give them in that kit and tweak the business model so it suits him even better. And he can make a lot of money building new sites. I cannot say for sure how much money he will make. There are still ways you can screw it up. Based on my experiences though, it is by far the best business model for building niche sites that I have been able to come up with.

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