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Interview with NFL fullback Rashawn Jackson

Rashawn Jackson is an American football fullback who is currently on the Oakland Raiders roster. He was signed by the Carolina Panthers as an undrafted free agent in 2010. We have conducted a short interview with him:


Tell us how you got started with football?
It was something that came pretty natural to me. My 1st sport was soccer but I decided to play organized football because I could not let go of the ball. I love all that the sport brings and I truly think it is a character builder.

How is playing in the NFL, that is a dream to some but for you its a reality?
It was my reality in 7th grade. I envisioned myself as players like Emmett Smith, Jerry Rice, and Ray lewis because I loved the energy they brought to the game.

Tell us a little bit about your clothing line?
Lwin Athletica is geared towards uniting lives via fitness and fashion. It will reflect great history, and appreciate the art of designing. Just LWIN baby!

What is your life like when your not playing football?
It can be pretty depressing not being on the gridiron with your brothers. Especially when you believe that you can have an impact on the game. Sometimes I think, Dang I'm the reason my teams losing by me not being able to perform with the talent Gods has blessed me with due to injury.

Whats next for you?
Train my mind in body as if it is my last. I Love to be the guy prepared for anything in life. Therefore I do not dwell on energy that does not make me happy. I will play again and continue to grow my brand!

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