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Successful treatment of Human Papiloma Virus

Dr Arani, renown physician in diagnostic and treatment of STD infectious disease and pioneer in successful treatment of HPV in the us, practice location in Los Angeles. We have conducted a short interview with him.


How will someone know if he or she has contracted the HPV? What are the signs and symptoms to be aware of?

Unfortunately, it is very hard to know if you are infected with HPV at an early stage after contracting it. It is not like you had sex with someone who has HPV last saturday night and you have symptoms today. People contract HPV by skin to skin contact. Many people get infected and have no signs or symptoms, however, if you are going to have signs then it will show up as a different shape of growth or skin changes on the genital area. It sometimes can resemble moles or little bumps and of course at the beginning they might be small and they may grow very large eventually. We place some of HPV pictures for our patient education in our website.

 What is your speciality in relation to STD infectious disease?

My practice is focused on diagnosing and treating sexually transmitted disease infection such as HPV, Herpes, syphilis, HIV and various different bacterial, fungal parasitic and viral STDs.

Are there any preventive measures and based on your experience in treating this virus what are some misconceptions about the HPV virus?

If you are dating and having sex, I recommend you to see an experienced physician once or twice per year and as part of your STD testing and screening, the doctor should then examine the patient and look for skin changes for early presentation of possible HPV infection. Early diagnosis is the key. There are some FDA approved tests for female patients as well.

To answer your question regarding misconceptions about HPV, I would say, many people think, well, I have some bumps on my genitals and it is not bothering me so it is “ok”, what they don’t realize is that there is a virus involved that is a very contagious STD and they would pass this to their partners. They leave them untreated and by the time they go to the doctor they have spread them to other parts of their body.

What other area could get infected ?

Anal, Perianal, urethral area, perineum etc.

How important would you rate patient education and which is the wart removal method you apply?

Patient education is always my top priority in my practice. I have published many knowledgeable information online and I just recently published a book called “HPV, the Silent Intruder”. My goal has always been to educate others so they can understand that they are not alone in their fight against this devastating infection. I think poor public knowledge regarding HPV is one of the main reasons that HPV genital and anal warts is common today.

To answer the second part of your questions, HPV genital and anal warts removal is very challenging and difficult due to many instances. One being the treated wart will grow back again and again. There is a big difference between a benign mole or tag and a benign HPV wart; when a mole is freezed, lasered, burned or cut it will go away or fall off, however, a HPV wart has tendency to regrow because of the virus. We Introduced our current wart treatment technique to our patients in 2007 with extremely high success rate, meaning the specifically treated individual wart will be unlikely to regrow back. Of course no one has control over a new growth someplace else, but at least the one we take off is unlikely to reappear. For many cases we use surgical microscope and we have to be careful about cosmetic outcome because genital warts is a disfiguring infection and having excessive scars mixed with warts will be undesirable, of course no one wants unwanted questions during intimacy.
How do you accommodate overseas and far distance patients?

We see many overseas and far distance patients in which they are specially complicated cases. It is of course difficult for them to travel to our institution,so we make sure those patient feel comfortable from accommodation to pre-op and post-op. For example, we just had a patient who had HPV Perianal warts and because he was afraid of revealing his sexual orientation in his homeland country he traveled to Australia for treatment. His physician in Sydney referred him to our institution in the U.S. So as a result it was quite an intercontinental travel for him before we saw him. We make sure that our patients are comfortable as far as timing of appointment and treatment session where we try to accommodate them in the best way we can. We also have had many patients come to us from very far distances just to realize they don’t have a HPV wart to begin with and they leave reassured and return home without needing any treatment.

What is your final word on patients with genital anal warts ?

Get educated. Know your enemy first and don’t loose hope. If one treatment method failed then consider to change direction. Not everyone can come to us for treatment, however, I explained some usefull points in our website of how to find a physcian in your area or your country. Be safe!

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