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Vril Studio

Grant J. Kidney is an artist and entrepreneur. He is the CEO and Chief Designer at Vril Studio, a full service graphic design company. We have conducted a short interview with him:


What is your motivation behind the establishment of Vril Transport apart from Vril Studio?
Vril Transport represents the death of the traditional automobile in all its forms, including the so called 'alternatives' enerming on the market today. Our flagship vehicle, the Anticar, is what is known as a 'velomobile'. This is a true, human-powered machine popular only in certain pockets of Europe. Vril Transport seeks to popularize the velomobile, and other forgotten or unexplored modes of transport as a means to put an end to a very dangerous reliance on fossil fuels. Further, our goal is to introduce to the market a truly affordable means of travel in a day when more and more people are simply not driving due to a worsening global economic climate. Many projections show that most people travel only within a short distance from their home each day. The Anticar is the perfect commuter vehicle and makes small trips around the neighborhood a beeze. With such additions like an electric assist motor, the Anticar carries with it massive potential to revolutionize the way most people get from point A to point B.

How do you help a business in an identity crisis? 
As a graphic designer, it is my goal to help create a greater and more universally appealing aesthetic in the world. When a business suffers from an identity crisis, it means that they haven't a properly calibrated design-style that lends toward the making of an impact in any particular industry or market. What Vril Studio offers is a truly unique and comprehensive branding service that aids in the creation of a fluid, effective, and memorable design-style for businesses of all industries and stripes. The last thing any company wishes for is the type of flawed branding that could ultimately lead to a loss of net profit. In one particular instance, my company helped to save a business teetering on the edge of oblivion all due to a very poorly thought out logo design. After we essentially rebranded this particular company in question, a record level of sales were produced- and we were quite happy.

What are the challenges of being an artist and entrepreneur? How does this new role compared to being a political activist?
Entrepreneurs are folks who take greater than normal risks to produce atypically sized incomes for themselves. I suppose a more proper definition for myself would be that of a 'social entrepreneur' since it is my goal to bring much needed change to the world through design and innovation. When I was a political activist, my view was that all money was essentially evil- and that the only way humans could evolve and drive progress in the world was to end capitalism, end the free markets, and create a global, 'resource based economy' where all goods were equally shared among the world's public. While I still believe that such is the only route to change, I admit that in a more practical sense, transitionary steps toward this goal are universally important to undertake. My thought is that if someone possesses the skills and knowledge to push humanity into a new social direction, then he or she should be rewarded for their efforts by drawing an income proportionate to the value they put in to the world.

If you can choose a client to work on, who will you choose and from which industry? Why?
In terms of selecting clients, Vril Studio offers our services universally to anyone in need. Our passion is our art- and so if we are tasked to create some logo or graphic for a company, we do so knowing full well the level of impact we can have on the world.

In your opinion, what is the healthier and more sustainable way of governing our planet?
All of the sensless wars and bloodshed, the artificially generated hazards to the environment, and the way in which we treat the poor and misforuntate stand testatment to the fact that ours is a species which has yet to grow up. I like what groups such as the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement offer in terms of 'upgrading' society to better match all that we're capable of producing technologically. We need to devise a global system that accounts for all available resources in the world and then figure out some way to equally allocate said resources to all the world's people. This is the one true path toward achieving a healthier, global civilization and a new world order of equal abundance and shared opportunity.
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