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Kadian Mijic - Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor

Kadian Mijic, a Registered Nurse and licensed Public Health Nurse along with Nationally qualified bikini competitor. She created her body with REAL food and REAL activity. We have conducted and interview with her:

What is your success story?
My health and fitness story started with a girl who forgot about herself. She let nightshifts and stress dictate her life, turning to fast food and energy drinks for “fuel” and making too many excuses on why not to go workout. This girl was of course me, and this story took a turn on my trip to Serbia in December 2010. While on vacation, I found that NOTHING fit my (5’4” 170lbs) body anymore. I had to wear stretch pants the whole time. In fact, I hit an all time low when I was struggling to button my favorite jeans and the button blew off and flew across the room. I cried. When we returned to the states I knew I had to change. I gave up junk food, calorie dense beverages, and got my butt to the gym! Even if I wasn’t able to run hard or do much, I made myself get to the gym. Slow and steady, I started to take the weight off and have a LOT more energy. Fall of 2011 I ran the Detroit Marathon! Nothing impressive for time LOL, but I did the whole 26.2 miles. I then took up weightlifting, loved how I felt and how my body started to reshape itself and lose more fat. Fall 2012 I set a new goal…bodybuilding. My body shape is best suited for the bikini division, so I reached out to the best of the best in bikini, Ms. Nathalia Melo. She was more than happy to give me advice and show me where to start….I did my first competition May 2013, the Powerhouse Pro/Am in Detroit, MI. It was amazing, I placed 2nd and qualified for nationals. I went to Nationals in Las Vegas that July (The USAs), I did not place, but it didn’t matter. I LOVED how much progress I had made over 6 months and all the other competitors were sooo inspiring.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to take part in a bikini competition like you did? Do it for YOU!!! I find that people are the most upset or let down when they make the competition about “winning”, yeah not placing sucks….but look down and check out the body you worked your ass off to get. That’s still a pretty good reward in my book. If you start the process for YOUR OWN health and wellness, you will not be disappointed.

How to balance one's lifestyle and diet in order to avoid anorexia?
You need to look at yourself as a machine, machines NEED fuel. Competitions are NOT about who can lose the most weight. It’s about body building and shaping. Yes, there is a “cutting” phase where you pull off the fat and water before a show to accentuate your physique, but this is only a few weeks. Food is your BEST FRIEND because what you put in your body is what your body will work with to build or bust. To have food regrets or fixations is unhealthy and if this is an issue for you, I would recommend easing into the competition scene very slowly. You must be prepared to eat a LOT of food when building muscle, and then when it comes time to prep for a competition you SLOWLY start changing your macros to adjust into more of a deficit. You do NOT stay in a deficit 365 days of the year.

Which kinds of food and activities are considered 'REAL' in your opinion?
 I love this question! mostly because I get asked all the time how to lose weight. What to eat, how to workout, etc… People think I’m hiding something because I say it’s simple: eat REAL food, do REAL activity. REAL FOOD is anything with a lifespan. Stay away from processed garbage and stuff that is packed with pretend ingredients. For good examples view website.

REAL ACTIVITY is anything that gets your heart pumping and sweat flowing. You cannot expect big results if you slowly ride the stationary bike while texting. The right combination of REAL FOOD and REAL ACTIVITY is all you need to get the results you want. It’s not magic, your body is made to be amazing, it will react and adapt to anything you decide to do. 

What are your motivations in promoting true health and wellness?

As a Registered Nurse and Licensed Public Health Nurse, I find now more than ever we as a global community need to be more aware of our holistic health: mind, body and spirit. With balance in our own lives, we are more available for the needs of others. During my own journey to holistic health, I found that as I became more balanced I was more present in my relationships with others. This is when I started coining the slogan “Let’s Get Fit Together!!!”. It’s not really enough to say; “hey check ME out, look how great I am.” It feels better to include others and watch EVERYONE achieve something great.

Which do you consider is the most stringent criteria for the Arnold Amateur Bikini Competition?

I have heard that the international competition is out of the world!! People from all different countries coming together as both judges AND competitors. Knowing this, I expect that different countries will have varying expectations for how they like a bikini competitor to look. I foresee preferences ranging from hard and muscular to soft and lean. This makes the competition so EXCITING, because I just don’t know what that winning look will be. I personally plan to hold a little more muscle this season and with my naturally curvy shape, I think it should be a cool look.

Do you have a personal philosophy about keeping fit?

Commit to yourself EVERYDAY. Even after making so much progress, I still take steps back. However, I reorganize my priorities and start back up. Each day I make my health a priority. You know, it is OKAY to make YOURSELF a priority hehe. By learning to have my own back, I have a new found confidence that translates into my personal and professional lives as well.

My Simple Rules:

Have your own back
Eat REAL food
Do REAL activities
Drink your water
Truly LOVE the people you have in your life
Know when to move on from stress

Visit my site for links to resources, social media and more pictures!! 

Let’s Get Fit Together!!!

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