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Deadly Vows

Robert Marsh is the author of Deadly Vows. In a new line up of horror stories, Mr. Marsh takes us to the existence that there is more to life and death that we already know. We have conducted a short interview with him about his new book.

There are several books written with this title. Did you explore other titles before you launch it? Why did you title your book "Deadly Vows"?

Yes I did but I fell in love with Deadly Vows. I titled the book Deadly vows because of the deep darkness it carries and the strong Vows made inside the book.

It is quite unusual to find a book that includes a diary, poetry and short stories. What inspired you into writing a book like this?

The pain which I and millions of people I know is what made this book come into the industry like it was meant to be.

Do you have a favourite character in the book? How did you craft this character?

I don't have a favourite but the way I crafted the book was through hardship and blood black tears. The characters in the book are real people who lived in real pain.

When did you start writing stories that get people hooked on to reading the materials you have written?

I started when I was young and I saw that it was my gift to the world. I once wrote a story titled "Brown Sugar" to a lady I liked and it got me an her together. I wasn't into speaking because nobody ever listened so the pen become my voice and the paper was my thoughts and ideas.

Why did you choose to write 'Dark Adult' genre? Apart from this genre, will you consider to write on other genre(s)? If yes, what will it be?

I didn't choose darkness but it chose me and all I am doing is following up to let the world hear its cries from the forgotten lost souls. I speak for the voiceless people who are stuck in the darkness without a way.

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