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Dog Doo-Hickey

Gregg Huberty and his business partner is Marc Rumaner are avid inventors from Illinois. They have created a patent pending dog product that is on the kickstarter site. We have conducted an interview with them.

What is your story? Can you tell us more about yourselves and how did you and your partner come up with this business idea for the dog product? 
M&G Ideas, Inc. was started by 2 friends, Marc Rumaner and Gregg Huberty, who enjoy inventing and product design and have several licensed products currently on the market. Marc and Gregg are constantly thinking up new product ideas and finally decided it was time to try producing and manufacturing their own. Being dog owners they decided to focus on the pet market. Their first product, the Dog Doo-Hickey, solves a problem they both have when walking their dogs as do many other dog owners so it seemed like a natural for their first product launch.

What other methods have you use other than kickstarter for your fund raising? 
At this point Kickstarter is our first attempt to raise funding for the Dog Doo-Hickey.

How has Kickstarter helped you so far? 
Kickstarter has been enormously helpful in understanding everything that goes into crowdfunding and what to do to get a project off the ground.

What are your goals for the first five years? 
Our first five year goals are to try and bring the Dog Doo-Hickey to market quickly followed by two more products with the goal of having distributors place these products in stores nationwide and to build a small product design company.

Why should people buy your product? Where can they find you? 
At this point in time the only place to buy or rather “back” the Dog Doo-Hickey is on Kickstarter. We intend to launch an e-commerce website once we have the funding in place.

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