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Nayan Hazra Photography

Nayan Hazra is a photographer from Pune, India. His speciality is Wildlife, Nature and Travel photography. We have conducted an interview with him.

Between landscape photography and architectural photography, which is more fascinating for you? Why?

Landscape and Architectural photography are incredibly different from one another and comparing them is like deciding between boiled or even half-fry eggs. At the end of the day, both of them are eggs; photography in this case. On a personal level, even though architectural photography possesses his own charm, I find shooting landscapes more fascinating. Shooting landscape has its dependability and quite a few of which you don’t be able to control, credit to Mother Nature. So even with the most effective preparations (read assumptions), landscape photography will always force you to become creative on the spot with sudden changes. It’s as if you have wants to shoot the mountains under the sun, and also on the eventful day, as it happens to be cloudy. Plus shooting landscapes makes me feel closer to the nature. You can be creative and much more innovative while shooting landscapes. And by no means, I am talking about that Architectural photography is anything less, it just pure personal preference.

What tips would you give to someone who would like to improve his/her events photography skills? 

Events photography is another genre and comes with its own sub-skills. In any event photography, considering the dynamic activity going all around you. The biggest challenge for any photographer would be to click an effective shot. The decision to make your subject exclusive in a very inclusive frame can create the amazing images. It is absolutely crucial that you understand your environment, the lighting sources and also the elements of focus for you as a photographer. Understanding these will allow you to know very well what type of shots will suit the big event. You can’t click marriage pictures inside a corporate event, right?? Within a busy moving environment, you must know your subject exclusive, though not to overlook the big event environment. Make use of the out of focus, blur and bokeh methods to create this. One thing I usually suggest for event photography is basically that you should be aware of stuff like what NOT to shoot. Nope, I'm not talking about shoot after which delete the pic. But rather why frame it, if it’s not fitting the procedure. And very significant point to become familiar with the people around in the case; that will set the right tempo and comfort factor. Nothing better than a event where everything and most people are cooperating along with you.

Lighting and shadows have always been tricky topics, based on your personal experience, how do you normally 'deal' with it? Can you list a few lighting tricks for beginners?

Light and Shadow are the yin & yang of photography; actually giving them a name as topics is wrong notation. They are two basic pillars and once you have control about them, you might be good on anything to shoot. I follow a simple principle - shoot with the light. It is most significant for me to be aware of the illumination on my own subject before I press the shutter button. Like any other photographer, I too love good lightning, where the subject is correctly highlighted and also at correct angle. Checking the angle with the source of light is also important, that determines your shadow area a lot. I rely on natural light, and have rarely shot with external sources. On worthwhile light days, you'll always find me shooting at ISO 100. For lower light light conditions, I attempt to tinker the ISO or shutter speed, but basic rule keep it low to avoid noise. 

For anyone, the first thing to aware that light can be your friend. Sometimes creativity in all of photography gamut is dependent upon the method that the way how you handle the light. Always attempt to shoot using the light, unless there exists a specific need to shoot against it. The angle associated with needs to be taken into careful consideration. Shadows can be very powerful part of the picture. They offer the appropriate contrast and in some cases can guide you to hide the un-necessary distortions within the picture. Try shooting in the sun light; make use of the “golden light” duration of morning hours and sunsets. And always check out the ISO first for almost anything to do with light before flicking any other center. I've got some specific tutorials, e.g. Sunny 16 Rule, on my own blog and website. Have a look at them, and you're simply always welcome for just about any queries.

Can you show us one of your favourite shadow images? What are the reasons that you like it?

I haven’t clicked much of shadow photos; perhaps something I need to start doing soon, once I take a rest from chasing wildlife and bird’s. As if now, you can check my picture of the fisher woman taking the first catch during the day. 

It was just breaking dawn and this fisher woman was right in front with the rising sun, giving us a dark outline of her image. Silhouette because they call this form of photography, is an illustration of shooting against the origin of sunshine. The soft morning light was bright enough to just capture the woman’s physical outline, as well as the fishing nets being pulled in, and a light shade over the water spread. Despite low light, I kept the ISO 100, while I wasn’t trying to find any subtle details in the picture but just the dark outlines.

When did you start photography? Why did you choose it over anything else?

I started very early, first with my grand dad’s photo roll camera. As well as the only subject was the pet dog of the home. Funny, I know!! While I grew up, I kept on tinkering with the old box cameras, and then chosen smaller roll cameras, then mobile cameras. It wasn’t till I received my practical the first DSLR in Sep 2011, when my curiosity became passion. And after that I went following heart. Doing what I love and love what I do. Like everyone else, I have come across some wonderful moments in life and always want to have them for revisiting. My spouse and I additionally want to share those moments with everyone. Photography helps me to help keep those moments captured, where I can revisit them again & again. It also keeps me on toes, always chasing that perfect moment when it is just perfect to be framed. I'm a story teller; through photography I share the stories.

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