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The Outlaw Thinker

Woody Arnold is the author of The Outlaw Thinker blog. He writes about politics, economy and environment. We have conducted a short interview with him.

As an outlaw thinker, do you think today's politics is changing the society's mindset for a better or worse environment? And why do you think so?

Despite scientific discoveries helping to shift closer for humankind to better the environment, our politics and our economic systems are polluting the environment because, first of all, corrupt corporations really control the world through bribery and make their crimes legal; for example, the "big oil industries". These corporations that have the interests of the world's people nor will they they help to advocate 100% environmentally friendly sources of energy like Nikola Tesla's discovery of free energy. Secondly, the world's economic systems are based off of scarcity and advocate linear increase in productivity while the Earth is limited to the amount resources it has.

With the recent crisis, what are your views about the American voice as whether it matters to the world economy?

With recent the economic crisis, as an American and one that also believes that we need to end the craziness of our political party system, I believe the world economy will spiral out of control downward and crash. Our mainstream media isn't broadcasting the true voice of the American people and is lying about how bad the economy really is. I truly believe the whole world should bankrupt itself and create a new economic system, where it is one with nature and is based on the abundance of resources.

Should our descendents be more educated in politics? What are the impacts?

I definitely believe that our descendents need to be more educated about politics. How would they be more aware of their civil liberties and rights if they don't know about politics. Last time I checked, during the 1800's, black slaves weren't allowed to read because they feared that they will educated and rebel against their slave masters. I believe the, in summary, the impacts of educating our youth more about politics and learning the Constitution will ensure that freedoms are preserved for generations to come in their respective countries.

Do you agree that markets are creation of government?

Great question, that I honestly never thought up of. In my opinion, if you have studied human history, markets could have created governments. If you think about it for a second, what comes people down from committing crimes like theft, the exchange of goods. I believe because of this, this is how civilizations started to rise up. If you wanted a piece of bread and you want my apple, we would just exchange them and we would both be happy. Then from this, creation of laws were needed to establish rules on how citizens should conduct themselves in society as well as running a business. Therefore, I believe since ancient times, markets created governments, not the other way around. Governments are only the “referees” in our economy and should only have minimal involvement in it.

Can you state some examples about how politics is affecting the global environment and what lies in our near future?

Some examples of how politics is effecting our global environment are the BP oil spill that took place in 2010 where it showed how inefficient the Environmental Protection Agency is and the also the big issue with Fukushima. The incident with Fukushima I believe is big deal because some that radiation is traveling across the Pacific and our government isn't telling us the truth about it nor even proposing to try to collaborate with other countries along with Japan to completely contain Fukushima. I politicians would start to wise, own their duties to the people, and worry so much on their next election campaigns, we would 90% of the world's problem solved I believe. Politicians need to listen to the voice of the people.

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