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Interview with Matthew C. Martino

Matthew C. Martino is Author/Film Producer from the UK. We have conducted an interview with him.

Which do you enjoy more? Being an author or film producer?
I enjoy being a film producer more, its like more stressful but its also more exciting. No one day in film production is the same as another and you get to meet loads of people all with different characters and who just want to get on and make a good film. I do like writing but the life of an author always contains some depressing moments where you hit a block it sets you back a few a days and you don’t often work with anyone when you are writing a book and its too much research.

How do you craft the characters in your books? Do you really know 'them'? 
I often craft them through research. Both my books have been self driven so I wrote based on my experience so I had to really dig deep and know the inner me and the struggles I faced then put them on pen and paper. When I write scripts for films I often craft characters and roles by researching how a real life person would react in a situation then I craft the character based on a real life example.

As a film producer, what do you think are the essentials skills set or personalities? Which is your favourite film? 
I believe every producer must be flexible, honest and patient. As a producer you don’t really get recognised and when things go wrong you need to keep moral up and obviously sort things out so that other crew don’t get demoralised. My favourite film so far has been ‘The Wolf OF Wall Street’ it was packaged very well and a very great performance from the cast.

If you can have it your way, name one female and one male actor whom you would aspire/want to work with?
In a dream world I would like to produce a piece with Jason Statham and Kate Winslet, I think they are both exceptional talent and would make a good movie. Jason inspires me due to how he has gone from strength to strength with his action roles and he does most of his stunts himself which is really impressive. Kate carries a diverse range of talent including comedy, emotion and some dramatic sequences.

You are also the founder of 'Let's Fly Academy', how did the recent MH370 mystery affect you? 
Yes, Lets Fly Academy looks to educate and assist pilots of tomorrow and we are actively seeking new routes to be able to support people with fear of flight and those that are unsure about flying for a living. The MH370 mystery hasn’t affected us too badly but we’ve had enquiries from people who are frightened of flying and we’ve had some people we’ve been coaching through to do their pilot license courses and they have since dropped out. Events like those always leave the public scared due to the way the press reports it.

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