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Crimson Highway

Crimson Highway is a post apocalyptic tale of friendship and trust. - Where a virus decimates everyone over 19. The project is in a fundraising phase on indiegogo at the moment.

Where do you draw inspirations from for your film project Crimson Highway? Which is your favourite character in the film?
The insiration has come from a wide variety of film types but utilising the genre of post apocalyptic anime adventure.

What is your rationale behind this perk idea at the point of designing your indiegogo project? Thirsty for a little more?
We use the term thirsty as much of the journey is set in the Australian desert :) the updates and character updates are there for followers of set characters and even anime characters to show their development.

Do you have a pre-shoot video to show?
We have pre shoot release but will use these when we get ten or more backers

What kind of challenges do you anticipate?
Challenges right now are funding, location for the first 2 scenes and we need to cast 2 more children.

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