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Maize Innovation

Kareem Maize is a 26 year old musician and information technology professional with a passion for learning new aspects of life everyday. He lives in Latrobe in Pennsylvania.

Which is the key life event that has shape your personal philosophy?
I found a spiritual teacher who helped me realize I could choose how I wanted this life to be for me ! - sorry if number was a bit vague.

What is your belief in life?
Anything is possible with the right belief system. Your dominant beliefs create your reality. Once you become aware of this you can change your own reality.

What is your opinion about time and patience, can one do without the other?
Time is our most valuable resource that we have so we should live life to the fullest and take as many risks as possible. Time can do without patience because I believe good things come to those who go out and make their dreams a reality.

How do you coach when someone is in deep emotional problems?
Help them to establish a reality where they can let go of their problems and essentially make them non existent by training their subconscious mind to let go of limiting beliefs. This includes writing down what they want , visualization , affirmations, and working with bi-nural beats.

Can you share with our readers, what is your favourite quotation. If our readers would like to read more about you, where can they find you?
"Confidence is having certainty in an uncertain world" - Kareem Maize You can find me at my website and my facebook if you would like to get to know me more!!!

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