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A unique life - interview

Unique Love is a 23 year old model with a passion to travel the world alone. She currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa for modeling and acting but she was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Which are the top five unique places you've travelled alone and you still find them understated in most media channels?
My first plane ride was to Budapest, Hungary. I believe the world doesn't know much about Budapest and what it has to offer. Its beauty took my breath away every morning I awoke. Second, would have to be Prague, Czech Republic. Prague felt like a gothic Disney world and I loved every second of it. I was immersed into an era that I would only read about in my history books. While in Prague the only thing that was missing were my ball gown and horse and carriage. Third is definitely Naples, Italy, which in my opinion felt like real Italy. Naples isn't filled with only tourist attractions, they have their problems, and they drink their espressos and eat their pizza. There wasn't a fake visage over the city, just real Italians living their lives. Fourth, would be Belize city, Belize. I've seen many Mayan Ruins, but the Mayan Ruins that I saw in Belize took me back. The whole city was an experience on it's own. Lastly but not least is “Who Dat,” New Orleans, Louisiana. I know the world loves New Orleans because of Mardi Gras, but New Orleans is much more than that. It’s a mini country of it’s own within the United States. It offers culture, history, great food, sun, amazing people, and let’s not forget the best Bloody Marys’ in the world. New Orleans is the real deal. I think the media should show more reality of versus the same history that we've all come to love and admire. We have room in our hearts to love other wanders of the world.

What is the most fascinating aspect about traveling alone?
The most fascinating aspect about traveling alone is my ability to meet new people and to not have a comfort zone. When you travel with friends or family members, you are forced to think about their needs. In some cases you limit yourself because others may not as adventurous and you’re afraid to be alone. When I’m alone the sky is the limit. I can do whatever I want, talk to whom ever I want, I am on my own schedule. I’m able to befriend the local people and truly learn about the culture versus limiting myself to only my friends and family and not learning much of anything. Being alone doesn’t mean I’m lonely, and I make sure of that by going out, being open-minded, wearing a smile, and ready to learn.

In your opinion as a model and a traveling female, what are the most essential travel items?
My smart phone and lipstick, hands down. I do everything with my Samsung, I record videos, take pictures; take more pictures, post the pictures, and the cycle continues. My lipstick is important because if I’m feeling down, dusty, or strange, I can apply my pink lipstick and I’m good to take on the world. However, for survival purposes, it is important that I have a water bottle, snacks, something to occupy my time (books, Sudoku, magazines, etc.), hand sanitizer, lotion with sunscreen, a light sweater, a map, and of course my partner in crime, R2D2.

If you can have it your way, which are the places you would like to travel to within a 5-year period? What do you want to see in particular?
If I had it my way, within the next 5- years I would love to travel to Thailand, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Brazil, India, and Antarctica. In Thailand, I would love to visit the Bangkok floating markets. We’ve all been to markets, but visiting a market while on a boat would be an interesting experience. While in Shanghai I would love to visit the Yu Garden and the Oriental Pearl Tower. While visiting Hong Kong I would love to visit the Kowloon Park (I really love parks). As for Brazil and India, there is nothing in particular that I would like to see or visit. I’ll stay in hostels and go wherever the wind blows me. For specific trips I enjoy not having plans. That now leaves me with Antarctica; I would love to take a dip in the thermal waters on Deception Island or a kayaking trip up to the icebergs. The whole idea seems extremely magical.

Where do you get your first inspirations about the Vlog you created about travel? What do you expect it to become?
My inspiration for my YouTube channel, AUniqueLifee started from posting videos on Facebook. I would travel some place and make short videos to keep my friends and family updated. I would soon receive comments and messages from individuals asking me questions about my travels and thanking me for sharing my videos. I then realized that I have knowledge from my experience as a traveller and I want to share them with the world. I hope to eventually travel full-time showing people the wanders of the world through my eyes. With my public relations and advertising degree from DePaul University, I could also work on a marketing team for a major airline to promote destinations that aren’t well known. If nothing were to happen from my channel, all wouldn’t be lost because I will continue to travel to enrich my life and the lives of others.
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