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Clairvoyant Life Advisor Christine

Psychic Christine is a naturally gifted Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Ordained Minister, and Spiritual Teacher. We have conducted an interview with her.

How does helping people using coaching skills you possessed energise you?
Helping people using my coaching skills doesn't really energize me as much as it helps my clients. It helps them to see things they hadn't paid attention to before or haven't considered. It helps the client whom I am helping to feel at ease that what they are going through can be solved.

In your opinion, how does making a person's situation clearer to him/her help in solving a life challenge or difficulty?
Sometimes there are things that we don't see when we are in certain situations. When doing a reading, things seem to come up that the client hadn't considered or thought about. Sometimes the advice is there but we have trouble finding it. It sometimes takes someone outside the situation to help.

Do you help in resolving relationships and love problems?
Yes, I have. I either do a reading about love or relationships. Or I will do special Reiki Relationship sessions to help the couple and see if we can solve the differences. 

What are your experiences?
My experience with readings have been that I have been able to put my clients mind at ease. Alot of times, the client feels used or cheated on and just doesn't know what to do with that feeling and the emotions. I always tell my clients that if that is your gut feeling, then you need to stick with that. You don't want to continue to be used and feel like this is where you should stay when you gut feeling says you deserve better. That goes for men and women in relationships.

I have found that the more you work and talk to people and teach them to keep that line of communication open, I feel a better resolve in a relationship. Bridges are burned with silence and anger not built.

If someone who is having family problems entangled over generations approach you for coaching advice, how do you start addressing the issues?
I start with the main question. What are their goals in resolving the matter. I have an open session where we talk and discuss the issues at hand and then I work with my client to come up with a clear plan.

My sessions involve readings, questionaires, reiki healing sessions and other special healing sessions that will assist in all areas. Coaching sessions need to have clients that are dedicated in improving their lives not just one session and they will have everything they need.

How much does it cost to engage your coaching services?
My services cost $35 for a fast coach email session to up to monthly packages of $200. I do offer payment plans when needed.

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